Google’s Ad Blocker : Know Everything in Detail [Infographics]

The use of Ad blockers is on the rise, particularly among millennials and on mobile devices. In 2016, 41% of Ad Block users were aged 19-29, and 37% of users blocked ads on their mobile devices. This presents a serious challenge for advertisers. Google is fighting back with plans to develop their own Ad Blocker that’s built into Chrome. It’s Safe to say this won’t block any ads served by Google and it will be interesting to see how many users will opt for  Google’s Ad Blocker over current leaders. The stats gathered here give Google reason to worry.

Have a look and let us know thoughts!

Popular reasons to use Ad Blockers

Ads are annoying (35%)
Block the ads/don’t like ads (27%)
Protection from Virus / Spyware (9%)
Speed up my system (8%)
Inappropriate content (3%)

Total Use of Ad Blocker around the World

United States: 18%
Canada 25%
United Kingdom: 16%
Germany: 29%
India: 28%

Why Google Wants to Build Its Own Ad Blocker