Hacked on Facebook? Then These Are Some of The Things You Need To Do.

Facebook continues to remain one of the most popular social networking sites even today. And this is because this is not just trendy among the audiences but even among the malicious hackers. Is popular website is even today believed to be one of the biggest for all the hackers, come forward and snoop into the personal data of a specific individual, hacking the entire data?

Imagine how you would feel if there is some third person coming and reading all your private chats, going to all those messages that you have been sending to your love and dearest ones. Can you even imagine how the entire things would turn out to be if this hacker sends out abusive messages to people in your friend lists? Let me tell you that this is a case of cybercrime and a threat to your reputation. Remember, it just needs one posts to shatter the entire thing. So what is that you need to do? Have your Facebook account secured followed by the other accounts in order to prevent cyber-attacks.


Wait, is there is nothing that is changed on your Facebook account then how do you know that your account is hacked. The best way that you can do this is by following the below-given tips if your Facebook account gets hacked.

Informing your family and friends about it: the moment you get to know that your Facebook account has been hacked or compromised, and has led to some kind of a damage then do make sure that you inform your family and friends about it. There might even be a possibility where the hacker might try to access the information of all your friends, by just adding a spammy link to your account. Informing them beforehand will make them cautious and alert for all the suspicious kind of activities happening in your account.

Monitoring your login sessions: login into your Facebook account in order to see a list of all those devices that have been used in order to login into your account. You can try and do this by clicking on the upside down Triangle is on the top right corner of your Facebook account. Then go to the settings and choose the option security and log in and you will get the entire list showing where all your account has been logged in from. It is obvious that you do not want to alert the hacker about it, though the hacker might be having the entire control of your Facebook account. So, monitor your account and remove all the login sessions by clicking on the three dots and then logging out from the machine. Also immediately select the option, not you. Facebook will then immediately take a major step towards securing your account.

Checking out for all the suspicious activities on Facebook: check out your inbox in order to know if the hacker has sent any messages to your friends who are in your friend list. Also, check if the hacker has sent any friend request to an unknown person. See, if there are any new friends being added to your friend list and friend request has been sent to know nothing about. Also, try and check for the posts that the hacker has made on your name in facebook. And the last but not the least don’t forget to check your personal info like email, birthday, contact details etc.

Changing your Facebook account password: in case the hacker has not changed the password of your Facebook account, then let me tell you are very lucky enough. Just login into your Facebook account immediately then go to the settings, choosing the option of security and log in and then scrolling below to immediately change the password. Then have the current password mentioned followed by the new one and then click on save changes. And it’s done.

Reporting the compromised account to facebook: Facebook even today when it comes to security does take things very seriously, and will like to know if someone other than you has the access to your Facebook account. There are high chances the hacker might even try and use your identity in order to mis inform of gather more personal data about your friends. So the best thing that you can actually do here is immediately have it reported to facebook and then try and recover your account in the best ways as possible.

Removing all the add ons: Once you have got the access to your Facebook account, go to the settings and then choose the option of apps and then click on show all. You will then be able to see all those applications who have an access to your Facebook. And in case you find any suspicious activity, then please go ahead and have it removed immediately by clicking on the pencil account and changing the access settings.

So, what other security tips would you like to add to our post above? Leave your comments below and we would be happy to add them above.



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