How simple technologies help to boost Agriculture & farmers growth

Technology has always left its impact either directly or indirectly on almost each and everything out there, so how can agriculture be left behind. Agriculture is the backbone of India and roughly half of our population relies on it for their livelihood and also to feed the entire country. So, in this very article, I am going to highlight some of the best ways in which technology can be employed to boost agriculture yields. This is going to prove very effective for all the farmers and even for all those people who are involved in agricultural activities. Let me showcase to you all those wonderful methods.

simple technologies help to boost Agriculture farmers growth min


You might be thinking that what does a smartphone have to do here? Well, it has a lot of things to do. A smartphone will have an ample number of benefits to offer to this sector and we will be exploring it further in the article also. With the help of a smartphone, a farmer can get all the details regarding the weather conditions, which plays one of the most crucial roles for all the farmers and related people. Google and many other players can provide the predictions that whether the sky will remain clear or is it likely to rain so that the people concerned can prepare themselves in advance. Furthermore, with the aid of smartphones, farmers can manage their fields remotely to a large extent and even connect CCTV cameras at some of the hotspots and manage them remotely without the need of going into the field frequently. A smartphone also has a lot of other benefits to offer. Moreover, smartphones are also not that expensive nowadays and most people can afford it. And one can even buy it in EMI or loan schemes.


This is one of the most needed things and yes, it is somewhat incomplete without a smartphone. There are many apps that can be used by farmers and other concerned people to increase the yields. There are a lot of beneficial and good apps that have a lot to offer to boost productivity in this very segment. One can use apps to learn about new and advanced methods with which they can increase their yields, learn more and more about the latest scientific patterns with a traditional touch which can work wonders, and last but not least, there are a lot of apps which are designed or backed by the central government that provides various vital information to all the farmers and also serve as a platform for all the farmers to take loans as per various central schemes. Therefore, apps are one of the most vital and powerful tools that can help to bring a smile in the face of framers by supporting them and in turn increase and promote productivity.


Like I stated earlier that with the help of cameras farmers no longer need to spend their whole day and night in the field. It can prevent animals and birds from devastating entire crops. A combination of cameras can be placed at all the crucial spots and this very combination can then be managed from a remote place, most preferably the home of a farmer with the aid of a smartphone. Furthermore, a scary object, which is mostly placed in the field to avoid animals and birds from destroying crops along with this powerful arrangement of cameras can perform miracles together. With the help of this formula, farmers can have a sharp eye over their field 24*7 and if they see any danger in the form of an animal or bird trying to enter the crucial zone or trying to damage the crops then they can rush to the field and protect the crops. So, in this very process, the need for the farmers to stay 24*7 in the field is eliminated and it is a big thumbs up feature, all thanks to technology.

Crop Sensors

They can be of great help as they can help you out in a lot of ways. The main duty of this beauty is to sense and give you a prediction of how much fertilizers are required by the crops in your field. This is indeed very helpful, as your crops will now neither get damaged due to lack of essential fertilizers or due to excess of them. Crops must be provided with balanced fertilizers in order to grow properly and effectively and this very application of technology will guide you fully here.


The Internet is one of the most powerful entities for almost everything in the entire world. It can offer a lot of help here also. Farmers can use the Internet to gather a lot of knowledge regarding almost everything, like the fact that the internet is an ocean of knowledge that is not at all alien to us. You can learn about a lot of new and old ways to increase yield, the best season for each and every crop, best fertilizers, nutrients, and a lot more. Overall, with the help of this boon from technology, farmers can further enhance their already amazing skills, mix their beautiful traditional methods with some of the best technical and scientific methods and see the magic afterward. Therefore, it is a must-have and must be used by all the farmers.


Thus, these are the five awesome ways to boost agriculture by using simple technology. All these things are not only going to boost productivity in agriculture but it will also digitize our rural India and enable farmers to explore the beauty of the digital world and make them more and more familiar with the technology. 

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