LaLiga Infographic – The Technology that Makes El Clasico a Special Spectacle

As El Clasico is just around the corner and both the clubs are all set for the battle, LaLiga sharing an infographic on how they are ensuring to make it a great experience for the viewers, through the use of the latest technology.

Clasico is the club fixture that brings the world to a standstill for 90 minutes. It’s a game that rivalry and passion turn into the biggest footballing spectacle of them all. Nothing else comes close to it, which is why the broadcast has to be befitting of this global sporting event.


This is the second season in which LaLiga has taken care of the television signal production. The signal was previously produced by television broadcasters, but now with LaLiga in charge, there are new graphics available, as well as a greater number of better-quality cameras, combined with the very latest technology. The most cutting-edge practices are available in everyfield so that football lovers can simply sit back and enjoy every kick.

Groundbreaking technology will be in place both pitchside and in the air, covering absolutely everything you need to savor the battle for victory between two great sides:

  • Helicopter
  • More than 30 cameras, all of which are 4K.
  • One Skycam
  • Intel 360º Replay technology El Clasico is a fixture that is making broadcasting history, reinforcing its status as a unique contest in European sport.

 30 cameras technology that makes El Clasico a special spectacle, infographics


Aerial Camera

It flies over the pitch capturing shots that nobody can see. This is the camera that will fly over the pitch throughout the match. Wire ropes allow the camera to zip freely across the pitch and follow every move. During the game, the height of the camera is set at 21 meters, but that can be reduced to three meters at set pieces in order to provide the most spectacular shots.



INTEL 360º Replay

The Camera that clears up the Key moments. LaLiga boasts the 360° replay system developed by North American technology firm Intel. A total of 38 cameras located around the perimeter of the second tier of the Santiago Bernabeu capture every move. Powerful servers then stitch together the footage from all the different angles and the producer can decide which viewpoint to use.

LaLiga rolled out this cutting-edge technology in the first Clasico of 2016/17 at the Camp Nou. Barcelona’s home ground and the Santiago Bernabeu were the first two stadiums in Europe to be equipped with this technology the last season, which is now also available at the Sanchez-Pizjuan and the Wanda Metropolitano.



Steadicam up-close and Personal

This is a stabilizing system that allows the camera tofloat steadily, avoiding vibration and absorbing any bumps or shakes. The camera is joined to an articulated arm which is connected to a vest to distribute its weight, enabling the user to move without affecting the stability of the filming.

It captures point-of-view footage, in other words letting the viewer see through the camera operator’s eyes. The Steadicam gets up-close to the players when they are leaving the pitch at the end of each half, as well as during the pre- and post-match handshakes. It also covers any incidents that may take place near the touchline during the 90 minutes.



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