10 New Siri Virtual assistant features introduced in Apple iOS12

Siri can be said to be one of the core features of the iOS system, and Siri will receive some major upgrades in the latest upgrade to the Apple mobile operating system. These upgrades include breakthrough new features (such as shortcuts) and a variety of smaller, more gradual improvements.

In either case, these updates will greatly increase the usability and convenience of Siri. Today, let’s talk about the nine new Siri features that Apple introduced in the iOS 12 operating system.

New Siri Virtual assistant features introduced in Apple iOS12

Siri shortcut

The most important update to Siri is the addition of shortcuts. Basically, they are customizable Workflows that combine multiple processes into one command. It is expected that when they are released, they will add multiple command controls to Siri, greatly improving the practicality of this digital assistant.

Enhance Spotlight recommendations

In iOS 12, Siri will not only provide you with an automated command flow. This digital assistant will automatically understand your usage habits and make recommendations based on them. These are important forward-looking contextual recommendations. At the WWDC conference in 2018, Apple gave an example that Siri will automatically give you a hint to let you know your favorite coffee at the time you usually drink coffee.

A new field of knowledge

One of Siri’s main functions is to answer everyday questions. Apple regularly updates the information and knowledge areas of digital assistants, and iOS 12 is no exception. In the latest update, Siri will be able to answer a variety of questions related to celebrities, food, motorsports, and user photos and memories.

Play third-party music

One of the biggest advantages of Apple Music over third-party selection in iOS is the ability to play music using Siri. But in iOS 12, Apple opened digital assistants to these third-party services. In the next update to iOS, third-party streaming services like Spotify will be able to play content using Siri.

Find My iPhone

This feature comes in handy when your device is lost or stolen, but it can also come in handy when your iPad or MacBook doesn’t know where to put it in your home. In iOS 12, Siri can locate your device and make the device sound based on your requirements.

Siri can find your password

If you need to quickly find the password for an application or service, such as when you need to log in on another device, Siri can help you on the iOS 12 system. Asking Siri for a specific password will automatically open the setup application and related sections or panes, which will contain the password you need to query.

New accent and language

Siri can speak in many different languages, many different sounds and local accents. However, Apple’s digital assistant will get more English dubbing in iOS 12, including male and female versions of Irish and South African accents.

Siri can be used in Low battery mode

When the iPhone battery is low, the low battery mode is a way to extend battery life, but it comes at a price. In the next version of the Apple mobile operating system, the cost of entering a low-power mode will not include the inability to easily access Siri. In iOS 12 systems, users can use the “Siri” to call the digital assistant when the device is in low battery mode.

Flashlight control

Siri is a smart, useful assistant, but there is always one area that it can’t match, such as turning the device’s flashlight on or off. In iOS 12, the situation is different. You will be able to enable and disable the flashlight function with the Siri voice command.

Ask Siri to show your passwords

Siri can help you now to find out the password of a specific application or service. When the user asks for a password the Siri will open up the Settings application and show the relevant section containing passwords.


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