Panasonic EX750 & EX600 4K Ultra HD TVs with UA7 Sound System

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Panasonic India has launched two 4K Ultra HD TVs Ex750 and Ex600 series along a single but powerful UA7 sound system. Panasonic is a Japanese giant and this time planned to capture 10% of 4K Ultra HD TVs market share in India by the end of FY17-18. During the launch event, the  Panasonic also showcased a future innovative TV display screens– Invisible TV which is almost transparent. Right now the Panasonic Invisible TV is not for sale but it would be in upcoming two or three years.

The range of 4K UHD TV (49”, 55”, 65”)  all comes with an all in one sound system called UA7. This Single tower speaker has room filling sound and comes with Powerful Bass (4 Woofers and 4 Tweeters, 2 Super Woofers) & AIRQUAKE BASS which is enough to give powerful theater sound experience. The Panasonic UA7 speaker delivers 1700W output which is ample of sound to enjoy the favorite music and video content. The Panasonic UA7 speaker is not only powerful but also has the stylish and sophisticated design with hexagonal box design fits perfectly in your living room with the TV set, delivering room-filling expansive sound.

Panasonic UA7 speaker Left – Right and Back Image

Panasonic ua7 speaker


Panasonic EX750 4K Ultra HD TV

The Panasonic EX750 2017 4K Pro Ultra HD TV is a flagship model which will be available in 65-inch, priced at Rs. 3,10,000.  It features wide color gamut, enhanced local dimming for inky blacks with subtle gradations. The EX750 is equipped with 550nits Super Bright Panel, HDR1000 and is powered by the same Studio Colour HCX2 processor. The Pansonic  Colour Processing Technology called 4K Hexa Chroma Drive Pro provides a vivid color reproduction with a wide color range.


Panasonic EX600 4K Ultra HD TV

This Pansonic 4K Ultra HD Tv series available in a variety of screen sizes i.e 55-inch, 49-inch and 43-inch screen sizes prices at Rs. 1,78,900, Rs. 1,41,000, Rs. 78,900 respectively. The Pansonic EX600 4K Ultra HD TV series also has advanced color processing technology. Panasonic EX600 4K Ultra HD TV has the fast 1,300Hz processor and My Home Screen 2.0 on board for ease of use.

Right now Pansonic offers UA7 all-in-one sound system for free in a combo offer with EX750 65 inch TV and, EX600 55 inch and 49 inch TV.


Panasonic EX750 & EX600 4K Ultra HD TVs Specifications


SeriesSizeKey Features
EX 750 Series  65 inches4K Pro HDR, Studio Colour HCX2, 4K Hexa Chroma Drive Pro, Multi HDR Support, DCI 90% Coverage, 4K Local Dimming, 4K Swipe & Share, 4 HDMI Terminals, 3 USB Terminals, 4K Media Player 2.0, Home Screen 2.0, Info Frame, Quad-Core Pro, Voice Interaction, Easy Mirroring, TV Remote App, Bluetooth® Compatible (Keyboards/Mouses), Wireless LAN Built-In, DLNA and many others
EX 600 Series55 inches4K HDR, 4K Hexa Chroma Drive, IPS LED Super Bright Panel Plus, Multi HDR Support, 4K Dimming, Quad-Core Pro, Voice Interaction, Easy Mirroring.4K Swipe & Share, 4K Media Player 2.0, Wireless LAN Built-In, Double USB Sharing, Web Browser, 3 HDMI Terminals, 2 USB Terminals and many others
49 inches
43 inches
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