Top 3 Blood Pressure Monitors in India in 2020

We all know the common saying “Health is Wealth”, and in this present COVID-19 pandemic situation having good health is the best thing to wish for. As more people die due to co-morbid reasons rather than the COVID-19 infection itself, so keeping your and the health of your loved ones under regular check is one of the most necessary things to be done. Blood Pressure related deceases are the most common and one of the most neglected health hazards by most people around the world. But, to maintain good health, keeping social distancing, putting a mask on, and keeping your hands clean is not just enough. You need to keep your blood pressure level as well as blood sugar levels under control, for which you need to check the levels on a regular basis. Many would say that they opt for monthly or half-yearly or even yearly medical check-up by their family doctor or at the nearest hospital, but that is not enough to keep the blood related deceases at the bay. To ensure the blood pressure and blood sugar levels are under control, you need to regulate your diet as well as your daily routine along with a good amount of sleep, timely meals, and necessary exercises.

To define which diet you should opt for and what kind of routine you should maintain daily, you need to have some equipment ready at your home. Due to the increasing number of deceases and the increasing number of affected people, you need to have the Blood Pressure Monitors, Blood Sugar Monitor (Glucometer) in your first aid supply kit back at your home. Just like having a Thermometer in-home, which is very common you need to have such Blood Pressure Monitors, Glucometer, etc. So that you can keep a regular check on the pressure and sugar levels.

Why the Discussion

In this article, we are going to talk about the best Blood pressure monitors available in the market in 2020. To use these Blood pressure monitors you do not need to have any medical expertise, just follow the instructions on the manual and you will be OK. But do not forget to call your physician if the readings are off the normal chart. In another article I will be talking about the top Glucometers available in the market, to know more about that find the other article on the same topic on this website.


OMRON is operating in India since 1980 and produces one of best digital hear and blood monitoring products. OMRON is a global leader of Advanced Automaton, Sensing and Control Technology, Domestic Healthcare accessories, etc. and in any list related to best blood pressure monitors or blood sugar monitors, you are surely going to find some names from OMRON.


  • Fully Automatic, Easy to operate, Suitable for everyone.
  • Single Button operation, measures Systolic, Diastolic, and even Heartbeat Rhythms accurately.
  • The compact in size, the mechanism works on Oscillometric Principal, so the result is very accurate in a very short time.
  • The display is quite self-explanatory, it detects irregular heartbeat and abnormal pulse rate.
  • Come with a movement stabilizer built-in, which makes sure accurate results even in case of body movement while taking the readings.
  • In the package you will get the Main Unit, M-Size cut off, A Battery Set, A storage Case, and a Manual.
  • The user can store the last 60 results along with the date and time. Also, it can display the average of the last three readings taken within the last 10 minutes.
  • One year warranty with the very good users ratings on amazon makes it a worthy product to invest in.


Here is the link for the product:

OMRON HEM 7130L best hear rate monitor


Another good and classy product from the OMRON company. OMRON HEM 6232T is available for general-purpose usages and one of the costliest products in this segment. But, a good user review and the longevity of the product along with the performance and accuracy, make OMRON HEM 6232T a very good choice.


  • This is a wrist monitor module, so you do not need to attach this module with your arms.
  • Best in quality, even at OMRON’s standard.
  • Price is quite high, suitable for those people who prefer quality over price.
  • Comes with mobile application support. Using the mobile application you can transfer measurement data to your smartphone with ease and this way can always keep a track on the health data of your loved ones.
  • The measurement data itself comes with a graph, which gives you better insights and understating over a person’s blood pressure and pulse rate related scenario.
  • As this is a wrist-based unit, the pulse rate, and the heartbeat rate readings are quite more accurate than the arm based units.
  • The position indicator sensor notifies the user when the unite is at the correct position and timed perfectly, so that malfunction does not happen. The Cuff Wrap Guide function notifies the user with illuminated indicators if the cuff is too loose or wrapped incorrectly.
  • An irregular heartbeat will appear on the display, to notify the user about any disturbing heartbeat reading or irregular rhythm.
  • The movement error symbol notifies in case of excessive movement of the body while monitoring the blood pressure. If there is a cut-off due to body movement, remove the wrist cuff and wait for 2 minutes, then take another measurement with keeping your body still.
  • It has its own storage memory where the user can store up to 100 measurement data sets.

Here is the link for the product:
OMRON HEM 6232T best blood pressure montor


HealthSense Heart-Mate BP 120

HealthSense is a very popular pharmaceutical brand known for its good business reputation, as they used to produce the classic analog blood pressure meters in the past known as a sphygmomanometer. HealthSense is known for its quality budget products. The Heart-Mate BP 120 is a very good product, depending upon features and expert reviews.


  • Provides accurate systolic and diastolic values
  • Comes with a WHO classification indicator
  • Irregular heartbeat & pulse rate detection notifier
  • 2×120 inbuilt memory for storage purpose
  • Date and Timestamp function on the stored reading data
  • Features a bigger LCD display than most other BP monitors
  • Features a unique Micro USB charging system.
  • Heart-Mate BP 120 is an arm module that comes with an adult size arm cuff.
  • The price is within the budget segment.

Here is the link for the product:
HealthSense Heart-Mate BP 120


Wrapping Up

To get accurate BP reading, you need to use a good quality BP monitor, but you need to follow some other steps as well. Always avoid eating, drinking alcohol or tea or coffee, avoid smoking, and avoid bathing before taking a measurement. Also do not take measurement just after a nap, as in that case, the reading would always be lower than the average stat of your body.

The first two products in this list are probably the highest sold and most used BP monitor in the market by normal users and general physicians. But you are free to try other products from other companies as well. Here I give away some more names about which you can search on Google or look for the price at amazon for best BP measurement machines in India.

  • Dr. Trust Smart Automatic Digital BP Machine
  • Omron HEM 7120 Automatic, ELKO EL-510 Automatic
  • AccuSure Advanced BP Monitor
  • BEURER BM35 Blood Pressure Monitor, etc.

You can any of this product, all of them are in a tight budget and comes from reputed brands. I won’t speak very highly about any of these five products, but they do the job, and better than having no BP monitor at home, it is better to have at least a cheap one for emergency support.

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