Top 5 Technologies that One Should Master in 2020

In this world where there is competition everywhere for example in terms of education, sports, jobs, etc. and people always try to show their best to achieve the point of success by defeating the others. It can be thought of as a war that is going around the world with a different name just to suppress the actual meaning i.e. competition. This war will never end until the earth doesn’t get demolished. So, the gist is we need to stay ahead of everybody in the domain we are interested in. To talk in the context of this and also referring to the intended topic of the day we will be collating both the terms together and now let’s move forward. Today, the very first competition that arises amongst the people is how tech-savvy they are that is how much they have the technical knowledge and expertise to solve any problem. Everyone is trying to engineer new things or upgrading the obsolete ones.

5 Technologies that One Should Master in 2020

So, to help aid in these upgrades we have many technologies around. These technologies are somewhere or the other related to computer-related applications and here we will be discussing the top 5 technologies that a person needs to learn to stay ahead in 2020. Let’s begin!

  1. Artificial Intelligence: The very first and topmost technology that one should know of. The technology rotates about the topic of automating the machinery and creating humanoids that can help aid people to solve any kind of task. The concept was started in the 1960s and since then have evolved so much that people are shifting their career towards this field. The field consists of various sub-components that one can master to achieve the desired success. The components include Machine learning, Deep learning, and subsets to Deep learning. With this technology in hand, one can land in his/her dream job and can also get high pay because of the demand for this technology in every employable sector of the world.
  2. Internet of Things (IoT): Yet another technology that is closely linked with AI. The idea behind this technology is connecting various tech devices with a single parent device to monitor everything that is taking place within the device and fix underlying issues if any. Also, the idea is to gather and share different kinds of data so that there is no discrepancy in the same. All gadgets that we use are somewhere or the other linked with IoT starting from the mobile device, washing machines, etc. IoT can even help inn minimizing electricity by developing a cleaner and greener city. With this technology in hand, one can come up with flying colors and get a highly paid job.
  3. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: These are the most used technologies by modern-day people. Many researchers and scientists prefer to work in Augmented reality to practice their work and then work in the real world. Many AI-based environments especially in reinforcement learning use these technologies to test the humanoid in a virtual environment first and then use it in the real world. Today AR and VR are also been implemented in mobile phones and tablets to make things more real for the people. Learning these technologies may aid you in getting a good job in the market out there.
  4. Blockchain Technology: The world’s more trending and safest mode of transaction wherein people use virtual coins to pay their bills. This technology gave rise to the Bitcoin and Etherium we see today. There are many such cryptocurrencies out there regarding which a person can take the knowledge and also learn the behind the scenes of how this Blockchain works. This technology is gaining immense popularity since its creation and many people are investing their money on it. So, I would prefer to learn about this and get a good job in the top tier companies.
  5. Cognitive Cloud Computing: The cloud as we see today was not the same in the past. Here I am talking about the cloud-based services that are provided by companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc. These services since time have evolved so much that now we can do nearly any type of computational work in the cloud-like hosting websites, storing databases, performing AI-related work, deploying the work, etc. These things were at first not in the reach of normal people but, with the help of the modern-day cloud, we can get access to these things and use it for our benefit. Today many companies are hiring cloud-based engineers rather than hard-coding ones because of the fast implementation with it and are paying huge salaries to them. So, I would personally suggest learning this technology to get a decent job out there and stand ahead of others.


Although there are many other technologies that one should get a knowledge of and it is good also in terms of skill development but I feel that if you are well proficient with these technologies mentioned above then you would stand ahead of anybody and would be preferred as the first choice to carry out their task.