Why children are obsessed with smartphones? 5 harmful effects

In the modern world seeing a smartphone in the hands of a kid is a very common thing. For hassle-free lifestyle smartphones are essential for everyone, we know it also helps children with their studies in a very smart way. But, when the habit of using mobile phone turns into a bad habit and they stick with a smartphone all the time that can be very harmful to their mental and physical health. It can bring some changes to their behaviour. Many times there are some parents who are responsible behind the addiction because while a kid does not want to eat or if their child cries their parents gives them a mobile phone to stop this chaos and gradually it becomes their habit. So sometimes parents should think about what they should do in that particular case.

Why children are obsessed with smartphones and its harful effetcs

Why they are attracted to mobile phones?


Is there anyone who doesn’t like to play digital games, I don’t think so. More or less everyone likes to play games or watch any gameplay. Gaming is one of the most popular things between school-going little kids to teenagers. When they have free time they can play games but if it turns in to addiction then it can bother their mental condition and physical health too. It can put a bad impact on their mental growth. In this world of the internet, there are many new exciting games which attract children a most. Mainly they like fighting games, shooting games or any kind of war games etc and continue to play those can make a harmful impact on their mind. By playing violent games sometimes it can change the behaviour of a kid. Sometimes they talk very rudely with elders and behave badly with friends. We all know winning and losing is a part of the game but the little players take that very seriously. You believe or not by this type of gaming many time children become stressed and depressed.


Nowadays internet is very essential for smartphone, without an internet connection, this smart gadget is kind of a useless object. With the help of an internet connection, they can see anything at any time. From the little kids to teenagers it works the same for everyone as we all know they love to watch cartoons. They can watch their favourite cartoons in the mobile for long hours and it is a very hard task to take that phone back from their hands as they get so much obsessed, so they don’t want to leave it. Many times there are some parents who are the reason for starting the addiction. If their children do not want to study then they start teaching them from mobile phones. If they see any dancing dolls telling rhymes then they like to see that and want to watch those things and from this, they get attracted to mobile. There are some kinds of cartoons available which can be seen fighting in a video. By watching those things kids could start fighting and pretend as the characters and by doing so, they can hurt themselves. And not only kids, there are teenagers who are also attached to mobile phones. Maximum time on the road we see young students are crossing or walking on a road listening to music via earphones which is also a reason for road accidents.

Social media

We all know the power and addiction to social media in the modern age of society. There are many social apps available to not only teenagers but also some kids are addicted to social surfing because of no age limitation. We all see the kids open and access social media accounts via smartphones. They love to search for people, things and they are very much influenced by the lifestyle of other people. They spend a lot of time by chatting on social media, posting many photos they love to share or post their lifestyle in social media etc. When they try to learn or work on something in the phone they get distracted by many of the things such as pop up notifications or suggestions. Social networking has a very bad impact on a kid with distracting elements to turn their attentions in some wasteful things. And it could harm their studies as well.


If you ask any kid that what do they like to do in their leisure time, the maximum number of kids will tell you that they would love to spend their time on a smartphone. If they do not have their studies or no friends around them then they sit and start scrolling their mobile phone and they can easily spend many hours with this smart gadget. At present they think mobile phones are the best option to minimize their boredom. They watch their favourite cartoon, songs, dance or any film or anything else they want as they can watch it for a long time without any problem. That is why this is the most favourite thing to spend time. In the middle of any work if they think they need a break then using a mobile phone to utilize the break would be the number one option for them to relax.

Connecting with friends

With the help of a mobile phone, they can make contacts with their friends and they can chat with them or they can call to talk for a very long. For this, they do not need to go out as they easily can stay at home and do this easily. With mobile phones they can play games with their friends for that they don’t need to go out in the field. And they can also make many new friends in this using a mobile phone and via social media. So they love to give their time on a mobile phone. They can make their stuff secret in the mobile phone they own. Because in every mobile phone there are some security options available which can secure the data by locking them in the device with a security code only known to them.

What are the bad effects of mobile phone addiction on kids?

Bad effect on studies

Mobile phones can put a bad effect on their studies. They spend lots of time using mobile phones. Or when they concentrate to study, on that time they can’t keep the concentration on that particular time as they continuously think about the mobile phone and the things they would love to do or watch at it. Many guardians think that their children follow only study material in their phones but apart from that children do many more things in the name of study if you do not look after them. Mainly they spend time playing games and when the exam comes they cannot score the expected marks because of that. Mobile phones are one of the big reasons for time loss. Instead of study or anything productive work they spend a lot of time in social networking sites which is a huge time loss for them.


There are many things they watch on mobile which are not good for them. We all know that children learn many things from what they see and what they hear. In mobile phones they watch many types of film, there are some action films which is not good for them and some bad language too. They listen that and if they get angry for something they use that language or fight with their family or friends. And they also play many fighting games from that, as a result, they try to emulate that fighting and by this, they can hurt others or themselves. Moreover, not only film and games nowadays there is some stuff available which are very offensive, adult and full of illogical things. Those things are certainly not good for their mind and they start to misbehave if the things influence them by watching it majority of the time.

Eye problem

We all see the big nasty glasses in those little eyes. I know some kids have eye problem from the birth or by any other health issues but we can’t disagree with the concept of having eye problem by using a smartphone. In today’s life, kids always lock their eyes to a mobile phone. And the blue-ray which comes out from a smartphone is very bad for their eyes and it can make a permanent impact on those little lamps. As they use a phone for sending messages or playing games at any time they get to use it, sometimes in a dark room while their parents are not watching which is more dangerous to their eyes.

Neck problem

Usually most of the time we need to bend our neck to watch something in our smartphone. When we use it for a long time we can feel a little bit of pain or uneasiness in our neck and in our back too. Thus, if a kid uses the same phone every day as much as possible enjoying their time on it, mobile can create more pain in their neck or back because it is built for the adults. So the size of the phone is not compatible with the little hands and they put extra effort to hold them and by bending their necks could bring them a severe pain in it. It can be the start of multiple problems in their body and they might suffer a lot from this.

Road accidents

This is one of the most dangerous things that we hear frequently from many news or other sources. Road accidents are common when someone uses a mobile phone on the streets. You can see many adult people do the same mistake very often. So when it comes to the kids it can bring more danger to them and they do not think about the consequences which might happen if they use a smartphone while walking or crossing in a street. They use it for various purposes and neglect their surroundings and face accidents for that. You see many of them and adults too using a headphone to talk or to listens to music which can prevent them from hearing any sound of a car or horn to maintain a safe distance. Thus they push themselves into a life-ending danger which is a serious concern to think about.

What parents can do to prevent addiction?

Should be Concerned

The parents should know what their children are doing in mobile. If they use a mobile phone for a very long hour or watch something they should not watch then the parents should talk to them and try to understand their psychology to convince them what they should do. You have to know why they spend so much time on this gadget and enlighten them what they should do or what they should avoid for their own good. You can be strict with them in that case but not all the time as it may affect them in a wrong way and they can become tough to handle. In these days smartphones have some very good features like a parental guide. With the help of this feature, you can restrict the things they do in a smartphone or you can track what they are doing in it and limit their time to use a mobile.

Give them time

In current days this is a very common thing that both mother and father work as a professional and they usually stay busy with the work and they could not make time to give their children. Because of that very reason, kids spend a lot of time using mobile phones and they play games or watch something for long hours. You should manage some time from your busy schedule and give them the time they deserve to raise them in a proper way. And if you spend time with them, they might not seek for smartphones all the time.

Outdoor games or activities

Parents should encourage them to do some activity or play some outdoor games with their friends. Even the parents can play with the kids to learn them the value of outdoor games in our life. It is very healthy for the body and mind of a kid. Involve them in some physical activities so they can experience the right things while growing up and it can divert their attention from smartphones to a good thing that is very effective in live. You can also enrol them in some activities like singing or dancing classes, drawing classes, any sports classes etc to engage them in such things. That can eventually force them to use a smartphone for a limited time or they only use it when it is necessary.

Help them with studies

Parents should guide them in their studies to educate them instead of giving smartphones to use them as a helping hand in studies. You can teach your child very well from that idiot gadget which follows some coding instructions and distract them more to avoid studies. It also creates a habit for them to use mobile frequently for any particular problem. You can encourage them to read books to sharpen up the brain and it is very good for them. If they catch a habit of reading books then they might ignore the mobile phone and gain some good knowledge.

Know about their social account

Parents should know about which social site they use and what exactly they do in a social site to prevent them from doing something wrong. Social networking is not for the kids and we should keep them away from it but it is a very difficult task to implement. So you can limit their social network handling and guide them in the meantime to make them safe and gentle.


The role of the parents, in that case, is huge and they should take the responsibility to prevent the obsession of mobile from their child. Try to establish a friendly relationship with your baby to know them very well and guide them in a righteous way to make them a proper human being to shine in their life.