Windows 10 Update 17677 Release: Edge More and More Like Chrome

Microsoft pushed a new preview version of Build 17677 for Windows 10 Insider channel members, under RedStone 5. This new update has some changes to the Internet Edge browser.

 1: Edge browser “settings and more” UI and other adjustments

Edge browser settings and more UI and other adjustments

Including iconized extension components, project menus with indicator icons, more intuitive function portals, and more. Right-click Edge in the start menu or taskbar to display the list of most visited URLs for quick access.

Tabs that are put aside can now be grouped or even renamed.

Right-click Edge in the start menu or taskbar

Added functions such as “Show in folder” and “Copy link” in the file download list.

tab grouped or even renamed

2. “Narrator” optimization adjustment– The scan mode supports content and selection in Edge, Word, Outlook, Mail, etc.

3. Add IPv6 support to KDNET to reduce the payload size of the packet and make room for larger headers.

4. The task manager memory display adjustment– UWP processes that are suspended will no longer be displayed in memory usage because the system will reclaim memory after the pause.

5. The new mobile network driver module officially became the default, significantly improving the user experience of using the 4G cellular network.

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