YouTube Studio Beta: New features To Manage and Share YouTube Content

YouTube revamping YouTube Creator Studio and planning to add a bunch of features. The New YouTube Studio Beta gives the new dashboard experience to enhance the video creation and user experience.  You can signup to the beta YouTube studio version by using this link:

5 New Features YouTube has Built in its Beta YouTube Creator Studio


Smarter Insights: Custom Tips and Insights

YOUTube studio beta Smarter insights

Get customized suggestions so you know the best time to respond to comments, the best way to engage your top fans, and collaboration suggestions to grow your audience using smarter insights, you’d be able to manage your channel much more efficiently.

YouTube Studio Beta Smarter video management

Youtube studio beta Smarter video management

This feature provides In-line editing and Smart filtering. Now you could edit your titles, descriptions, and settings all in one place, and all at once. With in-line editing and smart filtering, you’d be able to navigate your channel quickly and make changes in no time.

YouTube Studio Beta Smarter account access

Youtube studio beta Smarter account access

Now get custom account access to get better security and stay in control. From creators with teammates that you don’t always want to share the same level of channel access with each person. With smarter account access, you’d be able to customize who sees sensitive information like analytics, revenue, and more.


YouTube Studio Beta Introducing the Activity tab

YOUTUBE creater studio beta

Youtube making notifications easier to find with the launch of new Activity tab on iOS (and coming to Android soon)! All notifications can now be found in one place, making it easier.


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