Brief Discussion on Showbox app- Download movies and TV shows in HD for free is not safe

If you own an Android device, you would have probably heard of Showbox app already. Showbox is a Russia based app which allows you to download movies and TV shows in HD for free. Showbox app has witnessed unprecedented craze. But answer one question: Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? This article is all set to explore exactly that through its course.

Let me clarify this for you in the very beginning. This article will burst your myth that Showbox is your best friend on those nights when you are buried under a blanket and are all set to start your latest marathon. It is essential to burst this bubble of perfection seeing the popularity of Showbox app in the recent days. In fact, close observation will unveil a host of issues in the app.

what is showbox app and alternatives

Brief Discussion on Showbox App

It is buggy

Though Showbox app has indeed worked for a lot of people, there is an equal number facing issues with it. The problems can range from the app turning dysfunctional after you have downloaded a few movies to it crashing at unexpected moments. These bugs come with several other new apps in the market and are not solely credited to Showbox. In fact, they are quite understandable provided that it is a relatively new app with no fixes as such till now. Still, if you prefer a smooth bug-free experience, you are better off avoiding this app altogether.

It is probably unsafe

Google Play Store has a strict guideline for allowing apps to feature on its list. 99% of the apps on Google App Store are safe for your device and are free from any malware whatsoever. On the other hand, Showbox has no mention in the listed apps on the Google Play Store. It is an app that you can download from elsewhere on the internet. Majority of Android viruses find their way to your phone through the back of apps. Thus, it cannot be ascertained whether Showbox is wholly reliable and safe for your phone or not. Also, why should one app provide you hundreds of dollars movies and shows free of cost? Are you sure that you are not compromising your privacy and other data? Also, this Showbox app is not in the Google play store that means you can’t sure what kind of information it stealing from your mobile phone; indirectly or directly this app is not safe to use. For example, if tomorrow something illegal happened to your private data resides on the smartphone then whom you going to call or sue…

It is unethical

Somehow the world wide web has this invisible device that tends to turn off the switch of ethics in most of the users. Most of us don’t think on ethical lines while enjoying free games, movies, videos, and songs online. Our thoughts hardly go beyond our recreation. You might pose a simple argument in this regard that artists make millions of dollars, and a few hundred won’t hurt them. Showbox app is not a legal app to use that’s why it is not in the Google play store. In this case, you are even right to an extent. But, introspect on a deeper level. By watching all these things for absolutely no charge aren’t you stealing someone’s years and years of hard work? This aspect is worth pondering on.

We have already gone through why Showbox app isn’t a good idea.

Let us now look at the Showbox app alternatives for Android and iOS.

PlayBox HD

PlayBox is the best alternative to Showbox app that works on both iOS and Android platforms. It has a similar interface and the same functions. Probably, the only thing that can differentiate PlayBox and Showbox is that the former employs a bluish theme in its interface. This app will successfully turn your device into a video jukebox.

There is a ton of HD content available. You can use any device to avail it and watch hours of entertainment on your screen. It is advisable to choose a device that has a comparatively larger display so that you can get the best experience from this app. This app is free of cost and will not constantly pester you to enroll for a premium and a more updated version. Moreover, you will not be frustrated with the resolution either. The app stays true to its words and has fantastic picture quality.

However, PlayBox is also said to start behaving haphazardly at certain times. Its tendency to not work normally at times might distract you from your movie or show.

Mega Box HD

MegaBox is another option that is at the disposal of Android users to watch a ton of content. The contents have been aptly divided into movies and TV shows, and you will not feel lost at any point in time. It is effortless to spot the film of your choice through this app and your binge-watching nights will surely be smooth as butter.

If you are used to Showbox and are afraid of trying anything new because you might get stuck with the interface, MegaBox is your safest bet, and you will feel entirely at home while using this app.

One complaint that is associated with this otherwise excellent app is that it bombards you with ads. Despite this particular issue, this app is flawless, and you need to start nitpicking to come up with a genuine issue regarding this app.

This app offers you the option of choosing either 360p or 720p content depending on the network connection that is available to you. This feature ensures that you are not stuck with a high-resolution show when you don’t have the appropriate network connection for the same. If we assume that you have a good internet connection, the server of this app is known to run smoothly. It does not trigger any lags or slowdowns and will not disturb you during your streaming. If you don’t have time to watch a movie at a particular time, you can “favorite” and watch it later.

Crackle for Android

Despite being available for only Android, Crackle has a massive user base of over 20 million registered users. With such a large number of users for just one platform can you even imagine the popularity it would have gained had it been available for other platforms like iOS and Linux? Crackle makes the road to your favorite TV shows and movies free from any obstacles.

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Crackle is that it even supports Smart TV connection provided that the connection is compatible with this app. One of the main drawbacks is it’s not so frequently updated. Crackle updates its content every month which also means that you won’t be able to watch your much-awaited TV shows and movies until after at least a month after their online release.

If you are short on time, but there is a movie which has caught your eye, you can save the same through this app and then watch it later during your free hours. If you wish to watch foreign language movies or are not very well versed with the language used in a particular film, you can avail a wide range of subtitles to enrich your experience. Despite its infrequent update, the content quality is incredible.


One of the main reasons why Hulu has secured a place on this list is its prompt service and frequent updates without any delay. You can start binge-watching on the latest content with just a “click”. However, even this app comes with a downside. Its purely web-based approach may make you grind your teeth in disappointment. Hulu is compatible with Chromecast. This feature will make the streaming experience even more exciting for you.


Stremio is a little app that has a different approach to this sphere. Instead of making you stream your desirable content from remote sources that you might not have heard of, this app relies on the big brothers in the field like Amazon, iTunes, Netflix and other popular sources. The best part is that it brings all the content under these big names in a neat little app with a user-friendly and clean interface, so you never feel confused while using it. It is a very easy to use app which works best on an iPad. If we ignore the updates that may eventually lead to an increase in its storage space, this app is just of 11MB. This fact means that you wouldn’t need to compromise on a massive chunk of memory in your phone on merely a free movie app.

One of the main concerns regarding this platform is the free access it provides to all the users. There is no login option, and this may cause some users to raise their brows on its credibility.

The list of apps that provide an alternative to the recently Showbox is exhaustive, and you don’t need to risk the safety of your device to stream free movies, videos, and songs. There is something for everyone out there. Be it Android, iOS or Linux, there is an app that is best suited to every operating system. Besides the popular options like Amazon Prime and Netflix, the market for these apps is enormous, and new developments surface now and then. Therefore, you should not be impatient and should trust Google Play Store or App Store to come up with the best apps according to your needs which do not compromise your ethics or device’s security in any manner.

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