Top 10 best CRM solutions for SMBs and enterprises

The key requirement for every small business or a startup is to increase the foothold in the market and get a plausible exposure. However, getting exposure in the market that has a lot of challenges and it has to be dealt with in a strategic way with proper tools and only after understanding the customers’ requirements. There is no doubt, the customer is the king when it comes to a business and that said, a company should always provide the best service to its customers if they want exposure, and eventually more revenue. When it comes to understanding the requirements of the customers, and offering them services, one thing that plays an important role in an organization is customer relationship management.

Top paid CRM software for your business or startup in 2020

  1. Salesmate CRM
  2. Salesforce 
  3. Freshsales  
  4. Base CRM
  5. Hubspot
  6. Zoho
  7. Agile CRM
  8. Capsule
  9. Streak
  10. Sugar CRM

Customer relationship management or CRM is a software that can help you personalize a conversation with the customers and make them feel at home so that they are happy with your services. If you are having a small business, choosing the correct CRM software is very crucial, and that’s said, today I will talk about the top CRM software that you can count on, for all your business requirements. Besides small businesses and startups, CRM software also plays an important role even in Big businesses and enterprises. So you should, under no way underestimate the value of a CRM software in any way.

Note: We are not affiliated with any of this website and neither we are promoting any of them. The author just has listed them on the basis of the features, popularity, and different user reviews.

So come without any further delay let’s get started with the top CRM Applications for small, medium, and big enterprises. 

Salesmate CRM

The ultimate objective of every business is to earn revenue and that is only possible through channelized sales and that’s when Salesmate CRM is a one you should go for. One of the most important aspects of any CRM software is the user interface, and with Salesmate CRM, you can replace text-based information and clunky spreadsheets with visually interactive elements that can help you channelize sales and get relevant information in a more effective way.

With the help of Salesmate CRM, you can manage all your contacts quite efficiently and can get information about a particular client at the time of a follow-up call, or when you need to offer some service to the customer, and elaborate on something. From sending emails from time to time to update the customers about sales and keeping track of sales activities, Salesmate CRM can help you in every single aspect. Talking from the pricing point of view, Salesmate CRM can be an economical choice for most small enterprises and startups.

Free Trial available for 15 days. Here is the website link.

Salesmate CRM 2020


Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is undoubtedly the global leader when it comes to CRM software and it is available for both small businesses as well as big businesses and Enterprises. It is used by most leading enterprises globally and the Lightning Essentials is a package by Salesforce for small businesses that can cater to most needs of such businesses. The Lightning Essentials comes with contact management options, which is undoubtedly the most important element in any CRM software and that has integration with most email clients, so that you can send emails periodically and follow up reminders whenever necessary.

Not to mention, Salesforce CRM also comes with a number of other integration options for big businesses, and there are a lot of scopes for customization. Salesforce offers several customer interaction options and it can also help you make better decisions when it comes to offering several deals to the customers. Considering the features it has to offer, Salesforce is available with the Lightning Essentials package at just $25 per month per user, and Lightning Professionals come at $75 per month per user, and there are additional pricing options, as well for specific needs.

Salesforce CRM free trial is available for 30 days. Link to the official page.

Salesforce CRM



If you are at the first step of market penetration, the most strategic way is to understand the requirement of all the customers. If you are having an online business and people are visiting your website, it is also important to understand what people are looking for on your website so that you can offer what exactly what most customers are looking for. That’s when Freshsales CRM can come in handy for your business. Unlike most other services offered by other CRM software, Freshsales CRM will automatically track the visitors on your website to understand what they are looking for.

Depending upon the interests, all the visitors will be grouped into several categories and all these visitors are the next leads for your business. Understanding the requirement of the consumer can help you assign the correct salesperson to convert those leads and gain a proper market share. Freshsales CRM addresses exactly that need, most enterprises look for and you can get hands-on Freshsales CRM at just $25 per user for a month, and that deal is indeed lucrative.

Try Freshsales free for 21 days. Webpage link

Freshsales Software for CRM with trial


Base CRM/ Zendesk Sell

If you are looking for the most appropriate way to customize your sales, your search should end here. With ZenDesk Shell earlier known as Base CRM, you can customize the sales profile and track the sales target regularly so that the business keeps going smoothly. Besides tracking sales, Base CRM  can also help you add additional elements like the customer details, the collaborators, who are collaborating with the consumers and it also offers real-time visual reporting along with integration with several third-party social networking apps and email clients.

You can get more insights into sales with the help of Base CRM  and that is why you should get hands-on Base CRM at just $45 per user per month. Base CRM  might not come with the most exciting user interface like most other CRM software, but the tabbed interface can easily help you switch between the different available sections, and the user interface is quite clean if not visually enticing.

14 days of free trial is available with ZenDesk Shell. Webpage

Base CRM Zendesk Sell


Hubspot Freemium CRM

If you have invested a lot in other areas of your business, and are looking for a free CRM software, for now, Hubspot CRM is here for you. It offers all the basic features of a CRM software and it can help you know the activities within your company, manage customers and their profile, send emails just like most other basic CRM software. Hubspot CRM makes everything visible within a dashboard and every other team member and employees, who are working in the company can get the data so that they can keep working.

Additionally, you can always limit the visibility of information among the different classes of employees if you are looking for more privacy. Don’t think that Hubspot CRM does not come with options for several integration options. Hubspot CRM can integrate with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and most other acclaimed CRM platforms to add more feathers to the cap and improve the overall effectiveness of Hubspot CRM, and hence your business.

Completely Free CMR Tools offered by Hubspot do not come with an expiry date, however, to meet marketing, demands Ad management, Automation and other features one needs to buy available paid plans such as starter that comes with Free CRM tools and the paid ones Landing pages, Ad management, Live chat, Conversational bots, Forms and more. In a similar way, one can go for professional and enterprise places as per the needs. However, the starter costs $40/month for 1000 contacts and $800 & $3200 for Profesional and enterprise plans respectively.

Linke to the official page.

Hubspot CRM


Zoho CRM

If you are looking for an advanced CRM software, Zoho CRM comes with a set of flexible features for different types of businesses. Besides being useful for big businesses and Enterprises, Zoho CRM is also suitable for small businesses and startups. If you are looking for more features, when it comes to sales and marketing, Zoho CRM is always the most-preferred choice compared to any other CRM software.

Just like Freshsales CRM, Zoho CRM will also follow all the website visitors so that you can get insights about what the consumers are looking for, and it also comes with several options that are not available in most other CRM software.  Zoho has its own email service and most other services that make Zoho CRM software a bag filled with all goodies.  You can obviously expand the functionalities of Zoho CRM with a suite of additional tools. Zoho CRM is available for free, however, there are Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans, if you are looking for more functionalities within Zoho CRM similar to Hubspot.

Zoho CRM Free Edition comes with three free users and essentials like leads, documents, and mobile apps, a nice option for a home business.

Website page

Zoho CRM


Agile- Free CRM Software for SMBs

If you are looking for a CRM that is easy to learn and operate, Agile CRM is here for you. It offers a number of business features that include drag-and-drop automation for marketing and you can also get reports via email. Agile CRM  itself might not come with a number of world-class features, but it has support for widgets and you can find a galaxy of plugins and APIs to improve the overall functionality of the CRM. Just like a few other CRM software, you can get Agile CRM for free, however, it is limited in several aspects, and has a limited number of features.

It is free for 10 users, thus for the startups looking to start with CRM, it one of the liable options. However, you can always go for the starter package at $15 per month per user. Agile CRM can also help you set up customer appointments and you can switch between several categories quite easily. If you are running a business, where the employees are not that tech-savvy, Agile CRM can be the one for them, as it is really easy to understand within a short span of time, and thus, your business will proceed without affecting the productivity of your employees.

The free plan offers: 10 Users,  Up to 1,000 Contacts; Free Email Marketing; Marketing Automation Web Forms and Popups Google Apps Sync, Including Gmail; Online Appointment Calendar, Free Plugin of Your Choice; Deals and Sales Automation


Agile Free CRM for small business


Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is yet another popular CRM software which is there since 2008 and has become quite popular due to the features it has to offer. With the help of Capsule CRM, you can easily track relationships and can deal with everything in the most straightforward way like no other CRM software. There are several elements in the user interface, and each of them is targeted towards offering granular controls over the people in your organization, manage sales and appointments, set tasks, and do a lot more.

If there are some problems with any of your consumers or there is some open case that needs to be solved, there is an additional category where you can get information about the pending cases and take steps to resolve them. One small problem with Capsule CRM is that it does not have a number of options when it comes to digital marketing campaigns and user reporting, which is a real shortcoming, however, it is not a deal-breaker. Just like most other popular CRM software, you can use Capsule CRM both on the web as well as on your mobile device.

There is no time boundation for its Capsule CRM free plan but of course limitations are there such as 250 Contacts and 10MB Storage per Account. To get more the starter plans costs 18 dollars per user.

Link to the official webpage 

best Capsule CRM


Streak CRM

If you are not looking for a comprehensive CRM tool, Streak CRM can help you manage everything right from your Gmail inbox. Technically speaking, Streak CRM is actually a Chrome browser plugin, which can offer exactly what you need, if you are running a startup, or your business has a very small team, which is the case for most small businesses around the world. Considering, it is just the browser plugin, you cannot get enough features offered by several world-class CRM software.

However, you can schedule emails and send one email to several recipients from one unified interface. You can also create separate email threads for different teams in your organization like support, customers, sales, HR, and others. Streak CRM is available at just $49 per user per month and it can help you get your job done without numerous bells and whistles that most small businesses don’t care for.

Forever free plan like other few mentioned in the list with Basic CRM (500 rows of data), Mail merge 50 per day, and Email tracking. Website Link. 

Streak CRM for Gmail


Sugar CRM

If you are having a small business, however, you are looking for several ways to customize the CRM software and automate the workflows, Sugar CRM can offer you the best deal ever. Sugar CRM offers a very intuitive user interface making it easy for every type of user to deal with it. Sugar CRM is the best low budget CRM tools that can integrate with other web-based tools and other CRM software to tune the CRM as per your requirement. Sugar CRM delivers you relevant information associated with sales and marketing through proper infographics.

Additionally, the user interface is segregated into several categories so that you can easily switch between each category with just a single click and continue with your work in that particular category. Every single user using Sugar CRM can also customize the dashboard and user interface in any possible way they want. Available at just $40 per user per month, with a minimum of a 10-year contract, Sugar CRM can help you make the right business decisions and offer the best deals while communicating with the customer for offering any kind of product or service.

Note: The open-source community version of Sugar CRM has been dropped by the company, thus no more development and maintenance of the Community Edition. However, it is still available on Sourceforge to download.

Sugar CRM offers a full feature 7-day trial. Link

Sugar CRM paid


Extra tip to help the opensource community: Axelor business app 

Although this is an open-source application but offers a suite of business applications such as ERP and CRM including Business Process Management.  It is mobile friendly and modular in architecture, thus tight nuts and bolts when want to extend the functionality of the system using modules. However, unlike other CRM application platforms mentioned in the list, this one is completely free and open-source, thus just download and implement on your servers as you want.

With Axelor CRM, you can directly integrate your existing databases. Then filter your prospects and customers with precise criteria and manage all your marketing and emailing campaigns on a single application. Automate all your campaigns (Marketing Automation) with integration with SendinBlue. The Dashboard interface of it quite simple and easy to understand. Unlike most open-source software CRM software that are not very easy to install, however with Alexor that would not be a problem.  It offers CRM auto-installer for Windows including Linux and macOS.

Website’s Download Page

Alexor open source CRM tool min

There are several aspects that play an important role while choosing CRM software or suite. The CRM should be easy to understand and should cater to the needs of the business it is targeted. It should be customizable and it should also integrate properly with several other tools and CRM software, to offer more flexibility to the businesses. As a business owner, you should also understand your demands properly and it is only after that you should go for CRM software that is within your budget and is capable of fulfilling all your needs. While most CRM is targeted towards boosting sales, there are several CRM software that can help you maintain the proper business portfolio among the consumers and make them feel at home while communicating. Besides the top 10 CRM  suites that I have discussed here, you can also go for any other CRM suite, however, you should make sure it offers everything that you need. I tried to keep the list filled with different types of CRM suites necessary for different types of businesses.

So that was my list of top 10 CRM software or suites that you can count on. Do you have anything else to say? Feel free to comment on the same below.


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