Top 5 free online Barcode Generator tools or websites

We all come across bar codes regularly. Yes, those horizontal lines on our favorite products in supermarkets. But it is not only limited to products. You can even find them on books in libraries. Barcodes are really efficient and can store a little amount of information. This little amount of information can be an ID, which can eventually refer to very large information. Barcodes are easy to scan, and now can be done even with smartphones. But in commercial places, they are scanned differently. In shops and offices, they are done with the help of a specialized barcode scanner. Whatever may it be, barcodes are really important in our everyday lives. Though QR codes are better, but barcodes hold its own position. As barcodes take a very small space they are still used without migrating to QR codes.

But have you ever thought of generating your own barcode! If so, I have brought the top five barcode generating websites which you should surely try out. Now there’s a number of tasks can be done online, and the same goes for barcode generation. There are hundreds of websites offering you the option to generate barcodes. But not all are equally great. Don’t worry! I have done the hard work for you. Just find the best barcode generating a website from the list given here. All the websites mentioned here function exceptionally good and bug-free.

online free barcode generator tools

Here are names of best & top 5  free Barcode Generator online tools or websites

  • Free Barcode Generator by
  • Free Barcode Generator by

The is one of the best barcode generating websites. It is simple yet powerful. Visit the website, enter the data, and click on ‘Generate Barcode’. Your barcode will be generated immediately. It is great for novice users. You can even download the barcode to your computer and embed it on your website. But don’t worry as you can even get professional functionalities. You can add your company logo on the top of the barcodes. That’s actually great. It can also increase the brand value of your company if you have one. All the functionalities are also available for free. Thus, don’t wait and start using it.

It is yet another great website for generating barcodes. Though it might seem complicated at first. But trust me it isn’t so. There are numerous symbologies to generate barcodes. They include linear codes, Code-128, Code-39 Full ASCII and many others. After that, enter the data and click on ‘Show Barcode’. The barcode will be in front of you. You can even download the barcode to a computer. And yes, you can embed it on your website. It generates a link, which can be used on your website for others to scan.

Free Online-Barcode Generator by is yet another great website for generating barcodes. Yes, it is free. Just like the previous barcode generating a website, you can find a number of options. You can find all kinds of barcode symbologies on this website. Oh yes, you can also generate QR codes using the website. Choose the symbology, enter the data and you’re almost good to go. You should also need to assign whether you need a JPEG or PNG format for the barcode. After everything, just click on ‘Generate barcode’. Voila! Your barcode is ready. You can also get the output barcode as email. I haven’t tried it. But it should function normally.

The offers a great user interface for generating barcodes. Among other features, it supports almost all symbologies used for generating barcodes. I am not elaborating the process as it is super easy. You can even change the size and color of the output barcode. Barcodes are generally with black-and-white. But on you can change the color options. But make sure it is supported by the barcode scanner. The animations on the website are also quite beautiful. Though they are not that important, they make the website more user-friendly. After the barcode is ready, you can also download it in numerous formats. It includes EPS, PNG, PDF, and SVG.

Free Barcode-Generator by

Just like other free barcode generating websites Free Barcode Generator by is equally great. Just choose the barcode type, enter the data to get the barcode output. You can also toggle the barcode size too small medium and large. Among other features, you can even stop showing the data present within the barcode. Yes, it can be handy for security. After you are done with everything, just click on ‘Download this Barcode’. Your barcode will be downloaded to your system.

Hope the list of free online barcode generating tool/websites mentioned here were great. Which one will you be using in the coming days? Let me know about it in the comment section down below.


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