Top web search engines to choose from, and the highlights of each of them

Are you looking for top 10 best and most popular search engines in the World but wait a minute, Why? If you just want to search the Internet websites then you don’t need top 10 internet search engines instead of that just look the best one. We have gathered a list of best Internet search engines with their pros and cons. Also, they can be considered as best Google Alternative search engines too.  

Yes, I know it is impossible to remember the links for all the websites, which are available. I know, there are billions of them. Moreover, remembering all the websites is just not important, as well. There is a saying, ‘You don’t need to remember everything. You just need to know, where to find it, when you need it.’ Yes, it makes sense. And for the internet, it is very easy. Just search the thing, which you need, and you get thousands of results instantly. But, when it comes to search engines, there is only a limited set of players, and Google always tops in that. But is that the only one! Let’s find out the top internet search engines available for desktop, which you can use, each offering something new.

Note: The Red colour text in the Highlight sections are Cons while the green colour is the Pros of the Internet search engines given below.

Top best internet search engines list


Yes, as I said, desktop search Google, which can be done with almost all the browsers, is among the top search engines today. Yes, it also made our life simpler, with a plethora of other services like Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google mail, aka. Gmail, to name a few. From searching for news to videos, and from images to products, Google is a full-fledged search engine.

Google best search engine
Google best search engine

There is also a Google Scholars service, which you can use, for your education. But, a few days back, Google had issues with the ‘View image’ for image search, which is not a deal-breaker though. But the big con is that Google tracks almost everything we do. Android, owned by Google, has the maximum market share in smartphones, and thus, making a private space for ourselves on the Internet, is just next to impossible. If you want to see how to bring back the recently removed Image view feature of the Google then read our article:  How To bring back the Google View Image button in the search results


  • Google has the biggest database for revealing the best search results.
  • Search almost all kinds of things on Google, and you will not be disappointed.
  • Google Scholar is meant for education, and it works pretty well.
  • Image search is not that mainstream, as it used to be.
  • Collects a lot of data about us, making privacy a concern.


If you want to look for some new search engines, offering an equally good user interface, and some extra services, Yandex search engine is something, which you can go for. By searching from the PC, you can use Yandex to find maps, images, and even videos. Apart from that, just to compete with Google, you can even find the translate feature on Yandex.

Yandex Search engine-min
Yandex to find maps, images, and even videos

If you do a lot of image search, and you are unhappy with Google’s move to remove the ‘View image’ button, you can use Yandex, and you can see a full image with the help of Yandex search engine. Yandex is also customized for numerous countries like Russia, Belarus, Turkey, to name a few. Though, India is yet to come. Yes, Yandex collects data, just like other search engines, and you can hardly do anything about it, as if you are using a product for free, it is you, who is the product.


  • Other services apart from searches, are available, including Yandex mail, and Yandex Disk, for cloud storage.
  • Image search is really helpful, and the search results were relevant.
  • Customized for different countries.
  • Collects data, if you sign up for Yandex.


Do you care a lot about your privacy! If so, you must start using Duckduckgo today, as it is one of those search engines, which do not track you. DuckDuckGo is a search engine based on Yahoo, and when most free websites collect user data and share it with third-party sources, Duckduckgo seems to be a good player, in the world of search engines. Though Duckduckgo is not that full-fledged, or an ‘everything search tool’, but I am sure, it will fulfil most of your everyday requirements. It can at least give you some room for your privacy.

DuckDuckGo best secure search engine
DuckDuckGo best secure search engine

With Duckduckgo, you can search for things on the web, which includes images, and videos, as well. But, how Duckduckgo makes money! It is a question, which must come in the inquisitive minds. Whenever you search for a product on Duckduckgo, you will get a number of sponsored links, and if you click on them, or purchase products from those links, they get some commission. Thus, it is just like affiliate marketing, and it is the way, Duckduckgo makes money.


  • The search engine, which does not track its users.
  • Quite fast, just like other search engines.
  • Makes money, by offering sponsored links, on its website.
  • Not full-fledged, or everything desktop search engine, as you can only search the web, do the image search, and video search.


Bing is by far the closest Google search replacement on Windows 10 and other systems. Yes, it is integrated with Cortana, and you can search for things on Bing, and that is the default search engine on Microsoft Edge, as well. Bing offers a very clean user interface, just like Google, and you can even avail a plethora of services, which include calendar service, email service, cloud storage service, and many more. I don’t think, it needs elaboration.

Bing Google search engine alternative
Bing Google search engine alternative

Bing is even used by a number of users, who own a Microsoft phone, and thus, they are quite used to it. Apart from web search, you can even do an image search, news search, video search, and a lot of other things, with Bing, making it the next best search engine, after Google.

Though, just like Google, Bing also collects user data, and track, what the user does. But, Bing says, it is meant for improving the services, and to make Bing more personalized for you. But, I am not sure about, what is done, under the hood.


  • Integrated with Cortana, and is the default search engine for Microsoft Edge.
  • Offers a clean and beautiful user interface with beautiful photos and news, directly on the homepage.
  • Different other services are also available with Bing, making it the perfect Google alternative.
  • Collects user data, and track what the user does.


Yahoo used to be one of the best search engines but is not that popular nowadays. If you are looking for a Windows search for a browser, Yahoo can be a great alternative, which comes with mail service, and search for a number of other things on the web, which includes image search, video search and many more. The homepage also offers a number of contents, which you might like.

Yahoo search engine-min
Yahoo search engine

If you are a Google or Bing guy, you might face awkward at the beginning, but, you will eventually get used to Yahoo, once you start using it as your regular search engine. The best part about Yahoo is that you can even search for videos with a certain duration, or images, with a certain theme colour, which is something helpful. Don’t accuse me of not saying, Google, and other search engines offer the same thing.

But, on Google, you will have to hover to the ‘Tools’ section to change different criteria, but on Yahoo, the tools are available openly, making it easy to realize, for those, who are newbies.  The only problem is, Yahoo doesn’t offer as many services, as its competitors offer.


  • The search tools are available easily, making it easier for newbies to notice.
  • Fast, and offer a plethora of content on its homepage.
  • Not so many services are available like its competitors.
  • Might feel little down, while using it for the first time.


If you are that guy, for whom, privacy is the concern, Qwant, which is based on Bing, is the next best among the top 10 search engines, which respect your privacy. If you want to get a full-fledged searching experience, which is not offered by Duckduckgo, Qwant is the search engine, which you can go for.

With Qwant, you can even search on the social media, and search for music, apart from searching for videos and images, which is offered by all the search engines that are available today. The same question might come to mind, how Qwant makes money! Yes, Qwant makes money, by showing you ads, which might be based on your search results, but that is still acceptable to some extent.

Qwant secure browser-min
Qwant privacy browser

Just like Bing and Yahoo, you can even get news on your homepage, which is great for those, who are fond of reading news. You can even create your account on Qwant, but I will not recommend that, as all your searches might be tracked, against your user id. The only problems are that Qwant seemed to be a little slow if compared to other web search engines.


A good search engine, offering you the option to search music on the web and things on social media, apart from other normal search tools.

  • Qwant values your privacy, and thus, you can be safe, where most other search engines track your activities.
  • Qwant makes money, by showing your advertisements, depending on what you search.
  • Get the number of news and customized content, directly on the home screen.
  • Seems to be little slow, but that is not a deal-breaker.

The top 6 search engines, I discussed here, are not the only search engines, which are available today on the web. Apart from these 6, there are a number of other web search engines, which can be used for some specific set of tasks. Another one is, which is a good search engine but lack a number of features, and thus, I did not keep it in the list. Other search engines, apart from Google search engine, and the search engines mentioned here include, Munax, Exalead, which are good, but the user interface of those search engines are not that great, and do not function as good as the search engines, I mentioned here.

There are also a number of other search engines, which are based on a different search engine, and they include Ecosia, A9, AOL, etc., apart from Qwant, which are based on Bing. Apart from that, Groovie, BOL, and Ripple, etc are some other search engines, based on Google. There is no doubt, we can’t live without Google, but, if you are searching for something specific, don’t hesitate to search your thing on the web, with the help of other search engines, which can give a better admiration to your privacy.

Hope this small information about the top search engines, was helpful for you. If you use a different search engine, which is equally good, don’t forget to let me know about it, in the comment section down below.

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