8 Best Online Twitter Bootstrap Theme Generator Websites

Built your themes without any knowledge of coding by using Twitter bootstrap 3 theme generator online tools. Themes built with Bootstrap Framework are very responsive and can be used for Business, Portfolio & Personal Blogs.

What is Twitter Bootstrap?

Twitter Bootstrap is a free and Opensource responsive grid framework designed to develop websites and web applications. It is also very popular front-end web framework  for developing responsive mobile and desktop website. It proves very valuable in building websites or templates based on HTML/HTML5 and CSS, also for Javascript extensions. This framework also used to build WordPress themes for blogging or CMS platform. It is the most popular project at GitHub by having 100k stars and 45k forks. For more details see Twitter Bootstrap Wiki.

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Online Twitter Bootstrap Theme Generator


layout Twitter Bootstrap 3 Theme Generator

LayoutIt is an online tool that allows making your front-end by simply drag and drop the Bootstrap elements. Your coding becomes more easier and effective by using this tool. This bootstrap theme maker can use to create a template from scratch or use one of the base templates. From this online bootstrap theme creator, a developer can simply create their template using Bootstrap elements and download the HTML for further own styling and integration.


  • Drag-and-drop  Bootstrap elements
  • Just download the HTML and can easily integrate with any programming language to give custom styling and the design into it.
  • Professional and validated HTML

Bootstrap Magic


They are promoting their website using the tagline “Generate your own bootstrap theme quickly and easily”.  Bootstrap Magic Twitter Bootstrap 3 Theme Generator features the latest featuring Bootstrap 3.1, made with AngularJS.


  • Bootstrap 3.1 framework
  • See instantly your content changes using Contextual and live preview options
  • Magic Typeahead
  • Import your custom variables
  • Colorpicker: A custom color theme generator option to give your unique look
  • Google Web fonts
  • A user can download personalized CSS, minified or not and LESS variables.
  • AngularJS support


Bootstrap Live Customizer


It is a live customizer for Bootstrap themes and works similarly to Bootstrap’s customizer. One can customize the themes with the live results of the changes. The theme.less file is also editable with Bootstrap Live Customizer.


  • Live result of edit the variables
  • Customized bootstrap.css
  • Web fonts can be used
  • Allow to import any customized variables.less file
  • color picker: Generate color for the bootstrap theme
  • Built in themes
  • Live LESS Theme Customizer

Pingendo: Twitter Bootstrap 3 Theme Generator

pingendo Twitter Bootstrap 3 Theme Generator

It is a desktop application for Prototyping bootstrap responsive webpages. This app has a rich collection of Bootstrap elements for creating a beautiful website from am a blank canvas. This bootstrap theme creator has a collection prebuilt start pages layout that is ready to use.


  • Support different Opensource tools such Bootstrap, LESS, Font awesome and more to create quality HTML prototypes.
  • Design and code simultaneously.

  • Very Developer friendly allows integrating developers tools such as Git, editors etc. Allow to work on plain HTML and LESS files.

  • Generate only standard Bootstrap 3.3 HTML and LESS markup.


jetstrap Bootstrap Theme Generator

Jetstrap is a premium web-based interface building tool for Bootstrap 3 that helps developers and designers get websites up and running fast. Jetstrap allows you to drag and drop Bootstrap components.

Bootstrap Stage: Bootstrap Theme Generator


It is an online Bootstrap theme generator allows you to create both premium and free templates. Also, it allows saving your CSS and LESS files as desired.

Orson : Bootstrap Theme Generator

oron- Twitter Bootstrap 3 Theme Generator

Orson is a new website from bootstrap-magic developers and they are offering a beautiful platform for building elegant websites without coding. Minimize your headache of maintaining CMS patches and updates by using this platform. This bootstrap CSS theme generator can create your own CMS for ease.

Add your own HTML/JS/CSS on your Orson website. Orson is a kind of website builder that also offers 15 days trial.



This Twitter Bootstrap 3 Theme Generator allows you to build beautiful Twitter Bootstrap themes using the Adobe Kuler / COLOURlovers color scheme.  It is very easy to install and can generate CSS files.

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  1. You may also want to try QuickThemes.com. You can use pre-made or completely custom components to create responsive web themes through drag and drop or direct editing. Either using their own templates or starting from scratch.


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