What does a Managed hosting mean?

When we start searching for different hosting plans to host our website then you might have gone through a Manage hosting plan. But what does it means?

When we say “Managed hosting” then the term itself indicates that something which going to be managed by someone. And here we are talking about managing servers. The differences between the managed server and managed hosting expert support can be subtle. But there are big differences when it comes to unmanaged and manager server.

In managed hosting the service provider, for example, Godaddy/Hostgator or any other hosting provider will provide a dedicated server/VPS from its own IT infrastructure on leases. It means customers can rent equipment such as a dedicated server, storage and network hardware; operating systems; and system software (complete dedicated or running virtually). And the leased server equipment serves only to that single customer who has paid to rent it.  The customer is not going access the server physically instead he will get all administrative access to operate through a web-based interface.


what does manage hosting mean

Now come to the main point, when we talk about managed hosting, we often refer to a hosting platform that is managed by a team of skilled system administrators. In this sense, team support provided by the hosting service provider from where you are buying the Managed hosting to handle all complex server management tasks.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about managing PHP or MySQL versions, updating your operating system or managing critical security patches etc. all this will be the responsibility of service provider.

Another example, if you are thinking to host a WordPress then you might have heard about Fully Managed WordPress Hosting plans, it also means the same the provider of that hosting plans will create, install and optimized a hosted environment for WordPress (so you don’t have to do this) which will be very useful for new users or those don’t have expertise.

The Managed hosting provider also gives 24 hours free technical support around the clock. This means you can call any time to a hosting specialist at no extra cost. However, it still depends upon the provider.

Managed Hosting Specialist is an independent support unit dedicated to providing personal support. They can make perform custom modifications and help with server management tasks for you such as Automatic backup, Regular maintenance, safety compliance, patch management, And more …

Furthermore, in dedicating managed hosting, the provider also gives services for all kind of backups and disaster recovery; load balancing, vulnerability scans, intrusion detection, DOS prevention and other security services;
server configuration, maintenance and monitoring and more…

In short,  Hosting a Managed host is like having your own personal system administrator who can help you with complex tasks. Of course, managed hosting can only be used on dedicated servers or VPS. So if you’re ready to jump from shared to VPS, a managed host can be used to get you started.

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