What is the difference between 3D Touch and Haptic touch?

The 3D touch feature always been a debatable topic between its users. Few people like it so much and others found it just a gimmick. Also, the 3D touch never experienced something more except for getting shortcut menus on supported app icons, previewing in files and photo apps. In a way, 3D Touch technology was wasted by Apple. Furthermore, the extra stress on fingers to achieve some particular task using the 3D touch technology could be accomplished simply by touching and holding the display.

Maybe Apple finally realized that and might be the reason why Apple replaced the 3D Touch with the Haptic Touch on the 6.1-inch iPhone XR. But now the question is what exactly is the Haptic Touch? The good news is that, in theory, it allows you to get shortcut menus on the phone’s screen just like 3D Touch.

Is there a difference between 3D Touch and Haptic Touch?

3D Touch is very easy to use, because the iPhone’s screen is sensitive to pressure before, so it can recognize the strength of the user’s pressing and give different feedback according to the strength. It added an extra layer of the interface to reveal the further options. You can say this feature is just like the right click on our PCs.

3D Touch Apple

The reason for Apple holding on its implementation on the latest iPhone XR devices might be the unawareness of 3D touch utilization. Because users those even know how to use it, don’t have any clue which icon does support the 3D touch and which not. Another reason for not using it could cost cutting in the recently launched devices by Apple.

So whatever the reason, unfortunately, the iPhone XR’s display screen does not have this pressure sensitivity, it does not recognize the strength of the user pressing the screen. Rather using 3D touch, the Haptic Touch is used to replace it, you can say it a new name for our old friend “long press“. It’s not a new technique and lying around from a very long time.

Therefore, the Haptic Touch can be said to be a long press with vibration feedback. Apple also let the users control the Haptic vibration feedback through settings; the user can increase or decrease its strength. In Haptic Touch,  Apple has removed the sensor from the screen of the phone that recognize the pressure of user’s finger.

Many people who have experienced the iPhone XR have said that Haptic Touch can complete most of the functions of 3D Touch. The emergence of Haptic Touch may also be the result of Apple’s efforts to cut the cost of the iPhone XR.

Does this mean that 3D Touch is being replaced by Haptic Touch? This is hard to say. The 3D Touch feature is still available on the new iPhone XS and XS Max.


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