SumoMe WordPress Plugin- More Than A List builder Plugin

SumoMe is a WordPress plugin that has multiple inbuilt apps for increasing the website traffic and helps in Lead Generation. It can eliminate your number of plugins. The SumoMe plugin can do a variety of tasks such as Email List building, Social sharing, Heatmap, contact form, pop-up newsletter builder etc. So, why we install different plugins to do such task when it can be done by only one plugin. SumoMe comes with a different module which can be activated after installation of the plugin as per requirement.

I have seen many websites using one plugin for contact form, and one for Newsletter builder pop-up, floating sharing icons, social media plugin and so on. After installing the SumoMe, I have uninstalled near about 4 WordPress plugins from my WordPress Website, which helps me in improving my WordPress speed and also the management. This simple and great plugin is free and helps a lot in generating leads and subscribers. All the modules of SumoMe are available in the free version but with some limited features. So, after using the free version if you think that you want more from this plugin you can upgrade it to pro version. I am using the free and its perfect for me.

SumoMe: A Lead Generation Plugin for WordPress


Main features offered by SumoMe plugin are:

  • Onne clicks integration with WordPress and theme you are using.
  • No coding Knowledge required.
  • Simple email integration with MailChimp, GetResponse, Hubspot, Mailjet,ConverKit,Aweber, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Feedblitz, HubSpot, MyNewsletterBuilder and more.
  • Mobile optimized.
  • Not effects your page load speed by using Asynchronous loading.
  • Custom Popover timing for email subscription
  • Export email subscribers in a .csv file
  • View statistics of email subscription
  • Share your image by one click to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Welcome, Mat – A full-screen call action to grow your email list or drive visitors to a certain page.

These are some main features. For complete features of SumoMe plugin click here.


How to install SumoMe Plugin?

Step 1: This plugin is free and also available in WordPress Plugin directory . So to install it , simply go to the Plugins->Add new and search for SumoMe. Once it shows, install and activates the plugin.


How to Setup SumoMe to increase your website’s traffic and subscribers?

After the successful installation and activation of the plugin, it will show in the WordPress menu and also a blue color crown icon will show in the right corner of your admin screen.

SumoMe WordPress Plugin Dashboard

From Admin areas click on SumoMe-> Dashboard. Once you open the dashboard, it asks to connect your SumoMe account. If you have SumoMe account then click on the connect button to login or signup.


Signup SumoME

If you don’t have SumoMe account then click on signup button and provide any email ID that you can access and password of your choice.




SumoMe Shortcuts

After successfully Login in SumoME account, you will see a blue color icon on the right side of your screen. Basically, this icon is a shortcut to different features of this plugin. This icon shows three things: Apps, Notifications, help and close options.


SumoMe Apps store

As soon as you click on the App store shortcut icon,  a window will pop-up showing all the modules or apps of SumoME Store.


In the front of every app, there is toggle button which enables or disable the functionality of that app. Once you enable the button it will show green in color means it successfully installed on your site.

List Builder app

In the app section, you will see an app called List builder. Enable it and click on it to get more options. List builder helps you to add a well-designed pop-up form on your website to grow your subscribers. It also shows how many times it has popped up the form and how many emails it has collected.



You can also change the template and text of your Newsletter box. By default, it shows the template as shown in the screenshot and if you want to change it, you need to upgrade it pro. You can also change the color of your font and button to suit your website.


You can also set the behavior and frequency of the pop-up, how many times the same visitor will see the pop-up.  Also one can redirect the subscriber to some other page after he/she successfully opting your newsletter. listbuilder-time

Contact Form App

This Plugin also offers a contact form that will help your user to communicate with you. You can change the colors of text and buttons of your contact form. By default the contact from integrates into the footer of your website by the plugin. But you change it for both desktop and mobile. Beside default template it also offers different templates like Alert Contact, Mail contact, Fresh contact, Tufted Contact and Glass Contact, only in Pro version.


Scroll Box

When user finished reading your post and scroll down a Scroll Box will appear to submit their email for subscribing your website content.



This tool proves very handy to increase your website traffic. This app works on traffic exchange. It will add a grid or scroll of posts to your website. The grid contains different links to the post of a different website. By sharing your content through this will allow you to earn a credit.  You can get a clear idea from next screenshot of this app.


As soon as you activate this app, a grid of post from different website shown below every post as shown in the screenshot. When user will click on these posts a credit will generate.


Now for showing your post in the same grid but on some other’s website who has also used this feature of SumoME; You also need to create a content link.   In this way, you can exchange the traffic for increase your visibility. Also, you can set the filters for the post shown in your grid. Filters for adult, R-rated or General including category.


Image Sharer

Image sharer app will allow you to share an image from your blog post to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. On every image of your post, it will show a sharing button.image-share


Highlighter will allow users to select the portion of your article they want to share on twitter, Facebook etc.


Heat Maps

Heat Maps tools show you instantly where people are clicking on your website.

These are all the main apps of this plugin which you can use to increase the traffic of your website by using the SumoMe plugin on your website. Any queries? Feel free to ask.

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