3 Best alternatives to the Discord App

Discord is a very popular app as it lets you do a lot of stuff in a single app. It is a very handy app for many of the gamers as well as other people out there. It gives them the liberty to share all the vital information, make strategies, plans, and implement all the last-minute decisions. But, now let me highlight some of the facts that will push you to choose an alternative for the same.


First of all, privacy is one of the main issues that might force you to look for an alternative. It has some such issues, and many users have complained that this app has tracked their location while they were using it and some researches have proved it right that it secretly tracks your location. Furthermore, the servers are also busy most of the time, making things worse for you and your team. The chats are also reported to delay and mismatch most of the time. Moreover, it also has more such issues, and I have highlighted the most common ones, so, now, it is the time that we have a look at the alternatives available for the same.

Twitch: Livestream Multiplayer Games and Esports

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It is a small 19 MB size app for you to do a lot of things. You can watch the live telecast of many of your favorite gaming videos and related stuff right on your smartphone or tablet. In simple words, it is an exciting app for you to stream live and for your live chat while intense hardcore gaming is on. You can chat while being live on the game, it is indeed very good as it will allow you to make useful plans to destroy the enemy forces, and as a result, you and your team can emerge as winners. And, if you happen to be on one bout, then after you demolish your friend in the game, then it will be a very cheerful moment for you and a painful one for your virtual enemy. Furthermore, you can even broadcast your gaming stuff with the world. The in-app purchases range from 130 to 25500 rupees.

Nimo TV- Live Game Streaming

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It is one of the best such apps designed especially for all the crazy gaming fanatics like you. You will like the fact that now it supports over eighteen languages so that gamers from various parts of the world can join it. It has a dedicated live show channel so that all of you can share everything that you wish to with your virtual world. To make things more colorful, it also displays a perfect streamer and top fan so that you can remain glued to it. Furthermore, as it gives you the freedom to broadcast your gaming contents to the family of millions, this app is somewhat a platform for gaming geeks where you can find and learn new and crazy things and also contribute your share of abilities to the millions and together form a rough and tough virtual gaming world. Last but not least, this 60 MB size app has in-app purchases ranging from 90 to 17800 rupees.

Amino: Communities and Chats

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Let us figure out what this 55 MB size app has got in store for us. It enables you to watch a lot of numerous videos, blogs, stories, and much more covering a plethora of categories, and yes, you can watch and view all the content related to your interest. Furthermore, you can also make stories, videos, etc of the field of your interest and share the same with the world. And yes, it has a lot of gaming geeks and if you also happen to be one of them, then get ready to rock. You can discuss games, create your own gaming content and share it with the virtual family of yours, and even go through a lot of content available in it. In this way, you can connect with people of your type across the globe and make new and wonderful friends and also learn lots of things. You might be thinking about the in-app purchases, they range from 65 to 8400 rupees.

Thus, these are the three alternatives for the Discord app, which you can definitely look forward to. Though these apps are less popular and famous compared to the main rival, they are growing fast and gaining popularity. Moreover, they overcome some of the issues that you face in the Discord app.

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