6 Best Alternatives for Microsoft XBox One Controller

There are other manufacturers apart from Microsoft, who produce quality XBox one controller which are worth considering above the standard Microsoft made XBox one controller. So, if you are looking for X-Box One controller alternative whether it is for more functionality or for budget; it is fairly common.

If for some reason you are not liking the Microsoft XBox one controllers or just want to try some other controller from some other to find which one is better, then here is a list for you from my side which you should consider. Many people out there also use the same controller for their PC as well, the alternatives we are about to talk in this are PC compatible as well just like the original Microsoft X-Box one controller. 

AmazonBasics Xbox One Wired Controller

If you’re searching for something basic which won’t break the bank, but will work flawlessly, then your search end here. Online retail giant Amazon is currently increasing the merchandise of theirs providing underneath their AmazonBasics brand name, in line to incorporate vice accessories’ market. This, of course, includes the gaming controllers.

AmazonBasics Xbox One Wired Controller
AmazonBasics Xbox One Wired Controller


  • The AmazonBasics Xbox wired controller is surely a no-frills peripheral that simply works fine.
  • Being a wired controller is just against the standard aesthetics of X-Box one controllers, but it provided you with the budget-friendliness, as AmazonBasics Xbox One Wired Controller cost around $45 only.
  • AmazonBasics Xbox One Wired Controller is a very good choice for children so that you do not lose much if they accidentally break the controller.
  • One more very important feature AmazonBasics Xbox One Wired Controller has which is for the old X-Box 360 users. As the design of AmazonBasics Xbox One Wired Controller is almost like the legacy X-Box 360 wired controller even the weight and the feel in hand is also the same, so if you liked the feel and comfortability of X-Box 360 controller more than the X-Box One controller then this is the perfect alternative for your X-Box One controllers with the legacy feel of X-Box 360 controllers.
  • The AmazonBasics Wired controller evades the rumble capability and also the headset jack compatibility, however, this is not a crucial feature to miss, so it does not impact gameplay very much unless you are playing a competitive FPS game.
  • As instructed by the name, the controller isn’t wireless, thus you’ll be bound to your Xbox One console by the 10-foot cable provided.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

From the giant gaming peripherals’ manufacturer here comes the Razer Wolverine Ultimate, this is an Xbox One controller geared for the people who fancy themselves to be pro-skilled gamers. The Wolverine Ultimate provides a range of choices which may offer players a bonus on controls in any competitive game.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Chroma
Razer Wolverine Ultimate Chroma


  • First, the controller has six extra and programmable buttons in addition to the quality Xbox One controller layout. Players can notice 2 shoulder buttons next to the left and right bumper/trigger buttons, similarly, as four trigger buttons set on the bottom of the controller.
  • In addition, the Wolverine Ultimate provides the facility of quick-swap thumbsticks and directional pads as well. These hook up with the controller via magnets, creating it a simple to customize controller on the go.
  • The Wolverine Ultimate conjointly works on PC as well; but, only the Xbox One users can enjoy the Razer Synapse Xbox One app. Which is an extra pro with this Razer controller?
  • Its app permits users to tweak things like thumbstick sensitivity and originate multiple management profiles.
  • Sadly, the Wolverine Ultimate comes with a hefty tag at over $150. Like any other product from Razer, Razer Ultimate is also super pricey but best in quality around the world.

Hori Fighting Commander

Though Hori is officially licensed Xbox One controller producer, the Horipad Fighting Commander controller itself is not like the other controllers on this list. The main reason behind this verdict is the looks of Hori Fighting Commander, which is completely and utterly different even the aesthetics are different as well.

HORI Fighting Commander for PlayStation 4 & 3
HORI Fighting Commander for PlayStation 4 & 3


  • First of all, the Hori Fighting Commander lacks any analogue stick. Instead of any thumbsticks, the Horipad Fighting Commander comes with a six-button layout, where you can see an RB and an RT button. This moves 2 actions usually mapped to the shoulder keys all the way down to the face layout of the controller. This provides the user with the ability of tug off advanced moves in fighting games mainly with ease. This controller is mainly made for games like Marvel vs Capcom, Tekken, Mortal Kombat etc.
  • While there are no analogue sticks, the Fighting Commander has restricted compatibility. So not all kind of games can be played flawlessly with this controller, but for some games, you can have godly controls just because of this controller’s layout. Except for those of you who cannot get enough of 2D brawlers, this controller offers you a fighting probability over other players.
  • Hori Fighting Commander is also compatible with PC, PS3 and PS4 as well.
  • The price tag of the Hori Fighting Commander is around $100, so not very expensive but not cheap of course.

SCUF Infinity1

The Infinity1 from SCUF feels precisely sort of a normal and standard Xbox One controller on hand. If you are looking for X-Box one controller alternative but find it difficult to adapt the aesthetics of any third-party controllers, then the familiarity of SCUF Infinity1 with the standard X-Box One controller is a big thumbs up. Although, this can be wherever the similarities finish actually.

SCUF Infinity1 best microsoft X-Box One controller alternative
SCUF Infinity1 best Microsoft X-Box One controller alternative


  • First, SCUF is recognized by the users and the fans for their insane levels of cosmetic customization, where users will choose from may designs, once getting their controller.
  • Colour schemes, patterns, engraved names and all; just use your imagination at the time of ordering a SCUF controller, bets for your desired cosmetic customizations.
  • Apart from customization aesthetics the SCUF Eternity1 conjointly boasts swappable analogue sticks and 4 programmable rear paddle buttons.
  • Also, the Eternity1 has changeable trigger stops, which means users would be able to customize according to their depression pressure on a button before the action is disbursed.
  • Whereas the SCUF eternity one encompasses a range of nice options and customizability, but the hardcore gamers are going to be comfortable with the value according to my experience.
  • Also, SCUF Infinity1 costs around $160; thus it is not for anyone in a tight budget.

PowerA Enhanced

The PowerA Enhanced is also a wired controller and it is a sort of a precise copy of the controller which Microsoft ships out with the Xbox One console itself. This is actually no surprise while considering it is a complete accredited controller.

PowerA XB1 Enhanced Wired Controller-Sapphire Fade


  • In simple words, PowerA Enhanced is the best alternative to the original Microsoft X-Box One controller, and it is an officially licensed copy as well, so no compromises on aesthetics or quality or performance.
  • The price is almost half of the real Microsoft X-Box controller, so it is damn affordable. If you are looking for a secondary controller need for occasional usages then this is the perfect one.
  • The only drawback with PowerA Enhanced is that this one is a wired controller, a price you pay for cost-cutting, it also has a positive side where you do not have to change the batteries.
  • PowerA Enhanced also has some cool features over the genuine product like, the controller consists of two extra underside trigger buttons which are simply programmable on the go. So, more flexible control can be gained over the games.
  • The product also offers various kind of colours as well, but if you are a core gamer like me, you are going to stick with the White or with the Black only.


X-Box one controllers are really a pro piece of equipment, so getting the perfect alternative is not easy. So, if you are tempted with offers you find on some Chinese clones please do not go for those as the performance and build quality are heavily compromised on those 3rd party copy product. If you are a pro-gamer or wish to be one day rely on quality products only. Third-party products are not always bad, actually n many cases the third-party products proved to be better than the stock product as well, but going for the quality manufacturer is very important so that the investment of yours does not go to vain.

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