Best Calendar alternatives for Google / Apple Calendar App

Here is the list of best calendar application alternatives to Google or Apple’s default calendar app for Event/Task Organizer to manage their time blocks, schedule appointments and more…

Though most people around the world use smartphones now a day, the number is still increasing at a rapid rate even in third world countries. Along with the increase in the number of smartphone users, our dependency upon the smartphone features is also planting deeper roots. Smartphones also successfully replaced many of other gadgets in our daily life, like a Calculator, a Camera, an Organizer, a Pager, a GPS Navigator, an Alarm Clock, Wristwatch, MP3 Player, Portable Video Player along with the ability to carry the whole world of internet in our pockets. So, most of the seasoned smartphone users can use all these features a smartphone according to their needs, and they really depend upon the device’s performance. An Organizer or we can say a Pocket Calendar is also a very important feature a smartphone possesses.

There are many people around the world like me who do use the Calendar application very extensively to plan our daily, weakly and monthly schedules, so do not miss anything by chance and make sure to be at all the places at the correct time. As the majority of the users use smartphones using Google’s Android OS or Apple’s iOS so, most of us are habituated with the Calendar apps which by default came up with the device itself. Though there are many more alternative Calendar applications available in the market which are more extensive in features and also more fun to use. Some people also need more from there Calendar apps as they use it as there only schedule organizer for his busy schedule.

So, to understand what you can expect from the best Calendar apps, go through the article. Afterwards, we will also talk about some of the best alternative Calendar apps which can replace the Google Calendar apps or the Apple calendar apps with ease, even can offer you much more those conventional apps.

What to Expect from a Pro-level Calendar app?

  • Ease of use – it is a very important factor, that along with thousands of feature the app should look cool with an easier interface so that anyone can use the app easily.
  • Aesthetics – Most of the people like uncluttered information so they do not have to look for the info. Presenting the info in a well-designed and aesthetical way so that the user can fetch the needed info just with a glance like a bird’s eye view is more appealing than having multiple coloured themes and all.
  • Customizability and Extra Features – Having extended customizability makes an app more user-friendly, and can be made easier as per the user’s needs. Featuring extra tools which other apps do not have as a feature, give any app an extra edge over any other competing app.
  • Sharing Feature – Very few apps has the perfect sharing feature, which can really improve the quality of communication and productivity also. Sharing feature can save a lot of time as well.
  • Multi-Device support – If any app comes with the support of multiple device or multi-OS support, it automatically becomes a very handy application.


Here is our recommended 4 alternative Calendar applications for Google or Apple. calendar application

 It has the features of settings Goals, Reminders, Schedule etc. This application can be connected to the stock application to sync all the data from it.

  • In the month view mode, all the saved events appeared as a coloured dot, so you can set all the daily tasks as Blue and the occasions like a birthday in Yellow, and deadline day as Red, which will help you to get your schedule just with a glance.
  • Along with the saved event, you can add more details as a text upon it.
  • It also has a feature of Location-based reminder, notification to review daily agenda
  • This one is a Free application; it also has a paid plan for $32/year with some extra feature like Cloud support and all.
  • It supports Android, iOS, Web etc.
  • This application is the best option in this list when it comes to staying organized for daily routine. Here is the link to know more about


Cozi as calendar app alternative

This one is particularly good for hectic family schedules. It features Multiple Calendars, so you can keep track of your reminders of different aspects.

  • This application comes with a To-do listing and Shopping lists also.
  • You can share this application and the calendar with your family members and all other service personnel related to your families like your dog’s trainer or your babysitter etc.
  • You can create a centralized calendar, set notification schedules, reminders for other people and can give them access as well.
  • This application can be accessed via Android or iPhone/iOS-based mobile apps or via the Web or even via Windows Pc app also.
  • The Calendar is not only app package of Cozi, as it contains a Journal page, and a Messaging feature The messaging feature can be used to communicate with the people with whom you are sharing your calendars, which makes it a more flexible application to go with.
  • The basic version of the application is free, but the Gold subscription comes for $30/year. The paid version includes features like Calendar Search, Multi-reminders, Birthday Tracker.
  • The free Version also does come with advertises which is not present in the paid edition.
  • Here is the link to know more about this application called Cozi.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

This application can be considered as the best personal info organizer as it is much more than a normal calendar application, and it does much more than just telling you about your next appointment.

  • This application collects all the information from the synced emails, notes, tasks and contacts in one interface, which becomes much easier to browse and understand.
  • You can also use the MS Outlook extensively along with the MS Calendar application. Using Outlook, the user can share the information saved in the calendar with others also.
  • Though the sharing procedure is not unprotected, to make sure your data protection is not jeopardized, the other persons need to have appropriate permissions and as well they have to go through Exchange Server accounts to access the shared calendar.
  • MS Outlook enables some additional features for MS Calendar as well; Outlook gives the opportunity to view multiple calendars in a single view interface side by side or even at combined form.
  • This application is meant for professionals mainly. So, managing a total teams’ schedule and coming up with others for joint tasks or meeting, and planning for the upcoming weeks’ or month’s events become much easier.
  • To make the interface easier to control, the drag and drop facility is also been used in this app. You can simply drag and drop an email upon a date to save it as an appointment. You can also send quick meeting requests from the app itself using the email connected.
  • If you do not have MS Office then also you get the MS Outlook desktop package for free along with MS Calendar application or MS Outlook Calendar.
  • This application supports the Windows, Android and Mac Platforms.
  • Though according to the reviews, the experience on the Mac platform is not as good as Windows or Android.
  • Summing up all the usages, MS Outlook Calendar is a complete productivity tool, not just a mere calendar app.
  • The app comes for free in Mac and Android.
  • The paid application for Windows comes for $5.99/month and $59.99/year.
  • To know more click on this link of Microsoft Outlook Calendar.


Thunderbird Calendar Add-on

While we are talking about utility applications and an alternative is not there from the side of Mozilla, is not going to happen. This application is from Mozilla and can be considered one of the best in class.

  • Thunderbird is actually a best in the class Email client app, which comes with a Calendar app as well. Unlike the previous versions, the latest version does come with Calendar extension by default.
  • The interface consists of separate tabs for email, Calendar and Tasks. So, you can easily jump from one to another.
  • The Calendar app shows a summary of the present day’s planning whenever you enter the calendar tab.
  • The calendar comes with different kinds of viewing options, like day, week, multi-week, month, multi-month etc.
  • This application comes with a Search function, Time filter, Birthday reminder
  • Though there is nothing extraordinary or unique idea put in use in this application, with the Email Client, Calendar application, and Task Management tool this Thunderbird app becomes a single stop solution for many purposes.
  • This application is a completely free one, no microtransaction included also. But it has a good community and customer service as well.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird runs on Windows, Linux and Mac It is not available yet for Android platform.
  • This application is available in 56 languages.
  • Here is the link for the Mozilla Thunderbird. 


If you are not an avid user, or you do not want to use the calendar app on your mobile device then Mozilla Thunderbird is the best option for you. But if you are a professional and you want to have the best experience while working with Calendar and Event Organizer applications then the other options are the best for you.

If you are thinking about why replacing Apple Calendar or the Google Calendar, then let me tell you those a[application may come for free and do work really very good, but there are many for features and functions you are going to get in the, Cozi or MS Calendar apps, which you are not going to get in the Google or Apple Calendar. These extra features may not only impress you but also can give you an edge of experience while working with your busy schedule.

The people who are not using any calendar app now and thinking why using calendar app when you just can keep your planning into your head, let me tell you that is not so distant future you are also going to need one if you ended up being a very busy person, so choosing the right application as the solution of you scheduling problem is very important for anyone.

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