6 Free alternatives to MS-Excel Spreadsheets

Free alternatives to MS Excel Spreadsheets min

Spreadsheets are the most important part of any business especially the finance department, even an individual sooner or later needs Spreadsheet to work with them. However, even though tools providing spreadsheet facility comes with vast functions but we are usually limited to a minimum. The …

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Best 7-ZIP alternatives for Windows 11 or 10 in 2023

Best Archive browser or explorer and file manager min

Check out some of the best 7-zip alternative extracting software to replace it on Windows 11, 10, or 7 in the free and paid category with compressing & archiving features… Fear of losing data is the worst nightmare for those who work on computers. More …

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10 Best Tumblr Alternatives platfroms to use in 2021

Best Tumblr Alternatives platfroms to use in 2021

Tumblr is a top-rated blogging platform that is beloved by users all over the world. It is a blogging platform that lets users post their thoughts and arts in text, images, and videos. Blogging is You can make an account and follow your favorite bloggers and …

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6 Best free Alternatives to Xampp Server

MAMP XAMPP alternative

Are you looking for some good alternatives to replace the Xampp server on your Windows 10/8/7 operating system? Then here are some similar options you can use to create a local web server on Windows, Linux, or macOS. Xampp is an open-source program that we …

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