10 Replacements for UC News, News Dog and QQ NewsFeed Apps in India

Although you can read news directly by searching it online via search engines, however, people prefer News apps over it. It is because of a direct approach and one place to get all curated news information from various eligible sources. News is one of the most crucial and important things in our lives to get acquainted with various latest events and that is the reason why most of us go through the daily news through apps. Well, if you are looking for substitutes for UC News, News Dog and QQ NewsFeed apps also recently restricted in India to be used, so if you are out of those users looking for potential replacement options to these three apps, let me help you out in this, as your quest ends right here.

UC News, NEws Dog and QQ NewsFeed Apps Alternatives in India

To install the below-given apps, just go to your respective smartphone App store, search, and download the same.

Best News Apps in India

Google News: Best News App

This app is one of the most favorites and used news based apps of the digital world. It is your one-stop for all the news and happenings across the globe. You can find almost every big and small news of even the remote parts of the world. Furthermore, the interface is very user friendly and you will definitely like it and remain glued to it, and in this process gain a lot of knowledge and even improve your English. It contains the headlines, international, national, local, and much more for you when it comes to the daily news. You can through all the small sections and then enlarge them and read in detail. It comes back with the sports, entertainment, health, and fitness section also, so you can sharpen your knowledge in each and every segment. One of the most astonishing features about this app is that it also comes loaded with many e-magazines, and you can remain assured that you are going to find your favorite one in it. In simple words, this app has got a taste of almost everything for you, and you can access it anytime and anywhere. The in-app purchases are nill, and this app is absolutely free.

The Hindu: English News Today, Current Latest News

This app is also one of the most sought out ones when it comes to news apps. It brings you a lot of news from the national and international levels. And one of the most amazing things about this app is that most of its content boasts of really tough English. So, if you wish to improve your English or are willing to crack any government exam, then this app can help you a lot in the English section of any of the government exams. Yes, for that, you must go through his app frequently, and put in a hell of an effort, no doubt in that case. Furthermore, it features news from various categories, including – Technology, Sports, Bollywood, Music, Science, Art, Literature, etc. The Editorials section present in it contains views of most of the eminent editors, journalists, etc. and this is the section which will help you most in improving your English. The interface is also noise and you will find it simple and cool. The night mode, read aloud, and much more are all praiseworthy features. If in-app purchases are bothering you, let me tell you that they range from 100 to 300 rupees.

Inshorts – 60 words News summary

One more contender in our kitty, let us figure it out. It is somewhat different from the other news-based apps, as it has got something special to offer to you. First of all, the AI comes into play here and selects some of the trending and best news from the national and international levels. The selected news is then arranged for you in a kind of paragraph of up to sixty words with pictures related to the news to make it look more attractive and persuade you to read more and more. The news is available in both English and Hindi languages. It is indeed very good for all those people who rather run away from big news articles, as now they will find it okay to read small and fancy news articles and then it will become a natural habit. And do not forget, in the meantime, you will gain a lot of knowledge regarding all the happenings across the world and also improve your English if you choose English mode os reading. As of now, you might be thinking of the in-app purchases, wee, they are of zero rupees, and this app is fully free.

Dailyhunt – 100% Indian App for News and Videos

One of the most amazing facts regarding this news based app is that it supports multiple languages, and there are high chances that your mother tongue is also one of them. It will provide you with the sources that comprise over two thousand six hundred media groups. Furthermore, you will get all the latest news from numerous categories, like – Entertainment, Horoscope, Gossips, Sports, Employment, Defence, etc. You can also go through various articles and reviews shared by your authors and then engage with them by reacting to their posts. You can also keep a track of all the likes, comments, shares that you have done via this app. Moreover, you can also post and share if you have got something worthy. It also provides you with news from the village and small areas of India, and it is something that not all such platforms do. When it comes to the in-app purchases, they are nill, and it is wholly free.

Opera News – Cricket, Latest and Local News, Videos

It comes back with some of the unique and distinct set of characteristics, let us check them out. It has got some separate and dedicated set of features for some of the most sought out things. ‘Cricket feature’ is one such one feature, if you subscribe to the same, then you are likely to get all the small and big news related to both national and international level news on this amazing sport. It will help you to remain up to date with your favorite sport and with the latest happenings around the cricketing world. ‘Personalised News’ is another such feature, where the AI works smartly and analyses all the topics of your interest and then displays maximum news related to all those topics. You will be amazed to find your timeline flooded with the news of your favorite category every time you open this app. Moreover, it covers all the important national and international news for you to go through. The in-app purchases are nill, and it is indeed good.

NDTV India Hindi News

This is the official app of news channel NDTV. If you happen to like this news channel, then you are also going to like this app. It provides you with all the latest news, breaking news so that you can always have access to the news no matter where ever you happen to be. You can go through most of the important news from the national and international levels. Furthermore, it also covers business, sports, entertainment, and much more related stuff. You can get the full details of each news just by clicking on it. Moreover, you can also share all the news that you find useful or worth sharing via email or social media with all those you want to. You need not worry about the in-app purchases, as they are nill and it is free.

News by The Times of India Newspaper

One more beauty in our article, let us dive into it. It offers you news in most multiple languages, and you can remain assured that your language is also present in it. It has got almost everything for you, including – Business, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Travel, Science, and a lot more. You can find all the latest and breaking news of the nation and the globe in it. You can also watch the live news from this app whenever you want to. The AI here also works accordingly and showcases all the news of your interest in your timeline and you will be astonished to find them whenever you open this app. The night mode, data-saving technology, sharing via social media, article bookmarking, and so on are some of the thumbs up features of this app. If in-app purchases debate and tension is going on in your mind, then let me clear it out, that they are none, and yes, this app is absolutely free.

Aaj Tak Live TV News

One of the most loved and viewed news channels is now right at your fingertips. You can watch Aaj Tak live via this app whenever you want to with a simple click, and stay tuned to the news always. Moreover, you can also watch the recorded videos of many special episodes of your favorite news channel. It also brings the breaking news closer to you, and yes, you can go through all the latest news and hap[p[enings around the nation and world while being on the go. It also covers news from numerous categories, including – Bollywood, Cricket, Politics, Business, and so on. In simple words, you can get a lot of news from this app. Thi9s desi news app has got no in-app purchases for you and is free.

Zee News

Zee News is one more popular and wonderful news channel and has got a lot of viewers who remain stuck to it in front of the TV. So, all those viewers are also going to like this app. It boasts a lot of features, let us try to find out some of them. It provides you with lifestyle, fitness, food, etc related news and ways to improve all these. It also provides you with daily horoscopes. It brings all the Cricket, Bollywood, Business, Politics, Technology, Travel, and much more right at your fingers and you can access all the trending and latest news in all these subjects. If you like gossip, then this app has got a lot of the same for you all. When it comes to the national and international level of important news, then also this app has got plenty of them and will stand up to your expectations. It also comes back with most of the news related to gadgets and other electronic products and launches. You can also share all the news with anyone via a number of simple ways. The in-app purchases are nill, and it is indeed cool.

The Economic Times: Sensex, Market, and Business News

This news app is just perfect for all the businessmen, people dreaming to make it big in the business world, entrepreneurs, and last but not least, the stock market guys. Though, all of you can go through it as you will eventually gain something useful and fill your treasures of knowledge with some of the precious and priceless gems. It provides you with all the latest news from the business world, both national and international. You will be able to find all the small and big news related to the corporate world. Moreover, it also provides you with all the news and stuff related to the stock market and it is going to be very useful for all the small and big investors and many more people. It also comes packed with many stories and reviews by eminent and experienced people of this industry and all that can prove out to be very useful and helpful for you. A lot more is waiting to welcome you in this app, all you need to do is explore by yourself. The in-app purchases are going to make you poor by 10 to 7100 rupees.

Thus, these are the ten best and popular alternative apps for you all. I hope and believe that you might have found your best and perfect alternative news app after going through this article, so, all you need to do now is head to the digital store and grab it.

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