5 Open Source Ansible alternatives for server configuration

Ansible automation tool aternatives

Find out some best Ansible alternatives available to automate various tasks and operations for you in a data center or cloud environment. Ansible is an open-source tool that automates the configuration and administration of systems. This ranges from simple to highly complex tasks. The tool …

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12 Best alternatives to replace Windows 10 to some extent

Lubuntu as Windows 10 alternative

It is undeniable that Windows 10 captures the largest market for operating systems in computer users. But if you’re considering getting windows 10 then you need to also consider other alternatives which also give a good user experience and an easy-to-access interface. Below is the …

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Top 5 Terminal Emulator Alternatives for Linux – Ubuntu

Guake Terminal best alternative to Ubuntu Linux

Many people do use Linux for the purpose of application programming, app designing, system administration and for many other command-line related admin-level works. When one thinks of a command-line related task in Linux, thee cannot think otherwise than Terminal Emulator itself. From many users, I …

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