Best Alternatives to Ubuntu Linux Desktop Distro 2019

Which is the best alternative for Ubuntu Linux Desktop PC? If you have the same question then here we tried to list some popular Distros for you to pick.

Ubuntu, which is based on the Debian code and sharing the same set of commands to operate. The first version was released on October 20, 2004. It is now one of the best-known and popular Linux distributions for desktop use. The philosophy of developers is to create a user-friendly Linux operating system that will always be free.

8 Best Ubuntu Linux Alternative OS

Here are some Linux Desktop operating systems that can be used and considered as best available Ubuntu alternatives for PC and laptops. We are not including the base OS Debian here…

Linux Mint

Whenever anyone talks about Ubuntu Desktop Distro alternatives it is not possible the name Linux Mint would not be there. If you think that it is almost no more user-friendly and beginner-friendly than Ubuntu, then ask this question twice because you probably have ignored Linux Mint.

It is one of the best Desktop centric Linux operating system with similar to the Windows 7 interface.

This Linux distribution is based mostly on Ubuntu code with clean and modern icons.

The Software Center includes which is really handy for the novice to install tools and software without running any command.

Download Linux Mint.

elementary OS

Sleek interface with very intuitive Pantheon desktop environment, the elementary OS is another userfriendly alternative to Ubuntu. The developers of elementary Linux distribution promotes themselves as fast, private and secure Linux alternative to macOS and Windows 10.

The main focus of this Linux distro are users those don’t have much technical or command-line knowledge.

Download elementary OS

Zorin OS

Well! Zorin OS is specially crafted for WIndows users those want to shift to Linux operating systems. Manifestly, just like other distros, this one is also open source and free to use.

It is also based on Ubuntu Linux code and available in three versions Ultimate, Core, Lite and Education. The Lite edition is specially crafted to run on low resources old computers those are now in your junk store. So, if you want to revive them and make them get back to work, grab the Lite Zorin OS version.

The ultimate edition of the Zorin is paid one and cost only $39; it comes with a pre-installed business app, Windows and macOS layouts including touch support and more than 20 games.

Download ZorinOS

Puppy Linux

Users those are looking for a lightweight alternative to Ubuntu for old computer and laptops, try the Puppy Linux. The consumption of RAM on this Linux distro is very less and whole OS size will around 300MB or less.

It is available in two code base, one is on Ubuntu and other uses Slackware. Despite being a small size it comes with all essential software to handle day to day tasks.

Get Puppy Linux


Another popular and best open-source alternative for Ubuntu Desktop those want a distro based on Arch Linux. Manjaro is meant for both new and Pro Linux users with the beautiful Desktop environment. XFCE, KDE and Gnome editions are officially supported.

The latest 64-bit version of Manjaro with the Xfce desktop, boots up in only a few seconds and uses only 200MB of memory to run.

Download Manjaro


openSUSE doesn’t need any introduction if you know a little bit about the Linux world. Tightly integrated with GNOME desktop environment, however, the user can choose other Desktop environments such as KDE, Cinnamon, MATE, LXQt and Xfce while installing the OS.

OpenSUSE is available in two version- OpenSUSE Leap and Tumbleweed. (know what is the difference between these two)

Package manager it supports are ZYpp (standard), YaST (front-end) and RPM (low-level). However, would not recommend it to newbies but professional users can go for it.

Nevertheless, if you are new to openSUSE and want to taste it then go for Gecko Linux which is based SUSE but easy to install and handle.

Download OpenSUSE


If your core interset of having Linux OS to learn server programs then rather Ubuntu you can go for CetnOS which is one of the most used distros on world wide web servers.

It is based on RedHat and sharing the same code and security features. The thing why it is prevalent among server user community because of its long term support.

Just like Ubuntu, it is available in both CLI and GUI format. Although people generally don’t prefer it as their Desktop Linux because it is more oriented towards the server hardware, if you want high stability then this is the one.

Why is CentOS popular?

CentOS is popular because of stability and long term support for security patches and updates. Another thing it is based on Red Had Enterprise Linux.

Possible CentOS alternatives for servers

The most popular alternatives for CentOS used on servers are Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Debian and RedHat itself.

Download CetnOS


This is something we haven’t tried but we want it to be on the list. It is here because of its low resource consumption and very much similar interface to Windows.

It uses Trinity desktop or more advanced Plasma desktop edition. Furthermore, it offers long term support of 5 years for security patches and updates. Being a Debian based Linux distro, we can use ATP as a package manager.

Q4OS minimal hardware requirements:

  • Plasma desktop – 1GHz CPU / 1GB RAM / 5GB disk
  • Trinity desktop – 300MHz CPU / 128MB RAM / 3GB disk

What could be the best alternative to Q4OS?

As Q4OS is popular for providing Windows-like interface otherwise the base which is Debian will be the same as many Linux distros including some here. Thus, the best Q4OS alternative will be the Zorin OS which also provides Windows 10 like interface.

Download Q4OS

Yes, the Linux world is so big and same the flavours of Distros. If you are using any other Ubuntu alternative which is best and should be on this let us know…

Other Alternatives:

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