Top 5 alternatives to the Windows 10 default calculator app

For carrying out simple calculations, I have even seen a number of people using the smartphone which nowadays offers a good calculator as well. But if you’re looking for both convenience and a decent set of features, I am herewith the top alternatives to the default calculator for Windows 10.

Windows 10 default calculator app alternatives

If you search for the best calculator apps for Windows 10 as an alternative to the default one, you can find a handful of them. But if you don’t have time to try out all of them, I am doing hard work for you. I will try to keep the best calculator apps for Windows 10 and you should be able to use them no matter which edition of Windows 10 you are using.

Calculator X8

If you have jumped on the bandwagon and have a touchscreen device and is looking for a calculator that is well suited for that, Calculator X8 is a best alternative calculator app you can use on your Windows 10 computer.

The interface of this Windows 10 calculator app is quite beautiful and comes in multiple colours. It features 3 different themes and uses the calculator in scientific or normal mode.

By rotating the app it automatically switches between the scientific and basic calculator and switch between radian and degree calculations using the Rad / Deg button.

Calc Pro HD Free – Calculator

Available in both free and paid versions, the customized Calc Pro HD offers 8 calcs to create the perfect all in one calculator. Calc Pro HD free version features the both Standard and Scientific calculators. This Windows 10 default app alternative can fulfil your educational, business, or household needs.

Super Calculator

If simple calculations aren’t your cup of tea and you are more into carrying out some long and complex calculations, Super Calculator will be a blessing for you. Super calculator app for Windows 10 also comes with a dark user interface. It can calculate all basic and scientific calculations including sine, cosine, tangent, exponential values, and Pi.

Naturplay Calculator

Needless to say, Naturplay Calculator as Window 10 calculator app alternative comes with a number of different scientific operations and you can even use your keyboard to enter the expressions. To make the expression readable to others, who are present in your class, you can even adjust the size of the board which is also cool. Naturplay Calculator is completely free to use and the user interface is grouped into two parts, where you can find all the scientific operators on the left side and the numbers along with simple operators on the right. On top, you can enter the expression and the middle, the expression will be magnified for you and others to see properly.


CalculatorĀ² is an all-in-one alternative calculator app to Windows 10 default Desktop one for students and professionals. It provides scientific, financial and programmer calculators with currency converter offers 150+ World currencies and if you talk about its Unit convertor then that supports over 200 units. The app is also available in the App Store and on Google Play.

So these are the some best Windows 10 calculator app alternatives. Do you know any other great alternative to the Windows 10 calculator? Feel free to comment on the same below if you know one.

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