Top 8 Replacements for Rabbit ( or in 2020 or mainly known as Rabbit was a video streaming and content sharing website. When the Rabbit was launched back in 2014, the service was one of kind, though such services exited prior to Rabbit’s launch, but managed to bring the service to mainstream users. Using Rabbit you can include/invite multiple people to remotely browse and watch the same content in real-time. A host needs to create a room, invite other people or friends to it or a room can be set to public so that when the room appears on the active list of the site’s homepage anyone to join it. Using the “Rabbitcast” feature any user can share content using a virtual computer, it also can be done via using the Google Chrome extension called “Share on Rabbit”. Along with the Audio and Video streaming, Rabbit offers text and video chat, which can make the watching experience even more interactive and fun.


How Rabbit Works?

To clarify how rabbit works,  you must understand that the rabbit does not host any content upon its data server, which are there to be viewed or being viewed, unlike YouTube, Netflix, or Prime Video. Instead, Rabbit streams a virtual computer (Rabbitcast) through a browser, which is navigated to other websites and contents, and those can be contents from other platforms like YouTube, Netflix, etc. Rabbitcast or so-called Kast is a Rabbit-hosted Firefox-based shared browser program, and the content can be viewed and shared by any user. Also, the browser package was packed with an ad-blocker pre-installed for a better experience.

Now if you are reading this article you might know that Rabbit is no longer available since 31st July 2019; as Rabbit was losing audiences due to the growing business of Netflix, Prime Video, etc. Though the reason was stated as a round of VC funding had failed and that’s why they needed to shut off all the operations. All the remaining assets including intellectual property, software stack, and several other patents had been acquired by another streaming service known as

Also back at that time Rabbit was a commercial service with package system tariff. But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are getting bored back at their home, also very few amounts of new content are being launched in various streaming platforms. So, to interact with friends while watching a movie, just like we used to at a movie theater or watching a match sitting in the same virtual room with friends is kind of fun which people need nowadays. Furthermore, you may be one of those people who is actually interested in services like In this article, we are going to discuss the top websites like to replace it which are active and popular.


Best Alternatives for (Formerly in 2020

1. Invited.Tv

Invited.Tv is the most popular website like that can be deemed as the best alternative according to my experience. Its UI works like a complete Web browser package, where you can access almost any kind of site and services which you can access via using any conventional web browser app. Invited Tv can stream high-quality videos and can sync high-quality audios seamlessly with no lag. Using Invited one can stream 1080p 60FPS and even 1440p 60 FPS videos with no issues. This platform allows us to stream videos directly from Netflix, Disney, Prime Video, YouTube, Twitch, Crunchyroll, etc. Website link.

Invited Tv Rabbit like website min


  • Private rooms can be hosted for free by any user with free virtual machine
  • Integrated chat and control sharing, which can be controlled by the host and the permitted users (like moderators on YouTube)
  • Room capacity of up to 50 people, so you can invite up to 49 people.
  • Comes with desktop and Mobile app along with cross-platform compatibility
  • Full voice and video chat functionality
  • Public room feature, where a host does not need to be online all the time.
  • Emoji and Gifs are available for fun interactions on the chat.
  • Free to use with most of the features available. Though there are subscription packages available worth $5/month and $50/year.
  • Users with subscriptions do not need to wait in line for entering a room even at the peak hour.


2. Rave

One of the best alternatives for is Rave. Just as the name supposed, this application is best for the party lovers. The UI looks stylish and it comes with various cool features. The streaming performance is very good and I didn’t face any Audio syncing problem while testing. Website link.

Rave website content streaming platform


  • The interface is stylish but very simple to comprehend. Easy to use and anyone can surf through the features easily.
  • Virtual rooms are capable of sharing files, clips, emojis, etc.
  • With each hosted room there comes a dedicated chat-room, like a personal lobby.
  • Rave allows the user to upload self-created videos, and those videos can be stream just like YouTube, and also the same can be shared with others.
  • The chat rooms also can be created and managed separately to do a personal conversation with limited friends, just like a WhatsApp group. After the conversation, all the history of such chat can also be deleted completely.
  • Managing the existing chat rooms is easy with Rave and also Rave features various options in Chat management.
  • You can stream content directly from various other websites as well. But if you want to stream something from your PC, then you need to upload it first as the Virtual machine capability is limited with Rave.


3. TogetherTube

This is a German substitute of, though it supports English natively so no barrier for language. TogetherTube is a very good option as a alternative, especially considering some unique features which are not even available in as well. Using TogetherTube the host can create private and public rooms, and the other joiners in the room also can add videos or audio playlist for others to watch. This way TogetherTube actually supports both way sharing system via the same platform and the same room. Using TogetherTube the users can stream and share content from YouTube,, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Netflix, Prime Video, etc. Website link.

TogetherTube substitue to KAst or min


  • Links can be shared with an unlimited number of friends.
  • The users can use TogetherTube just like a Video Search Engine also. So it is really fun to use TogetherTube.
  • TogetherTube’s synchronized player feature is a very unique feature that is not available in or in Rave.
  • It also features a unique Voting System where the members can vote for the next video or audio to be played and the most voted video or Audio is played automatically after the present one ends.
  • The built-in chat system is very fun to use and very much interactive with various emojis and stickers.
  • The members can also add and suggest a video or audio content, link, or files of their own, which makes TogetherTube proving its name to be a perfect one.
  • The initial configuration is also very easy to do, so anyone can do it with ease.


4. Kosmi

Kosmi is a nice place to hang out with friends while streaming and watching the same content together. There is no need for installing and configuring any client application for the service of Kosmi, even the users do not need to sign up as a registered user. Yes, even I personally feel that signing up at each web service that I want to explore is pain itself, and also I do not want to share my personal information, like name, DOB, or mail id with just every website. It is actually annoying to sign up for every web service which one is trying to explore. Kosmi is a great choice for users with such mentality. If you are looking for a good alternative to you must try Kosmi once for sure. Website link.

Kosmi allternative min



  • Creating a private or public chat room is just a single click job.
  • The host can stream videos from Webcam also.
  • The chat utility is very interactive.
  • Sharing a whole browser tab or even sharing a screenshot feature is also available.
  • The user can also stream his desktop screen view, just like a live streamer does with OBS Studio.
  • The users can stream YouTube videos and also any locally stored video. As the screen sharing is allowed with Kosmi, that is why the user does not need to upload the video in order to stream, unlike Rave.
  • On Kosmi the streamer can play NES and SNES Emulators, using which a private lobby can be created with friends where games like Quake 3, Texas Holdem, Poker, etc can be played. So, this is a very unique feature of Kosmi.
  • A URL is given to the host after creating a room, which can be shared via using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, and any friend or joiner can join the room directly via clicking on that URL.
  • Even strangers can request to join a room, where the host will get the notification of such request and can moderate such requests.
  • Kosmi is free to use Web Service, of course, you can become a patron or a subscribed member if you like the service.


5. Metastream

Metastream is not only a very good alternative but actually it features extremely highest level synchronization playback quality among all other or replacements in this list. The stream quality is so good that the viewers would experience almost zero latency if you are using Metastream. It is very good for streaming high-quality HD videos. There are also some features in Metastream which are quite similar to, for example, on-screen chat, quick user management features, video queuing for the joiners, etc. Website link.

Metastreame to stream videso from yoru netflix and more min


  • Many of the features are quite identical as, so if you are a former user, you may find it easier to comprehend.
  • The video streaming quality and performance is of premium level, you just can not expect any better from a free to use service.
  • Metastream supports native compatibility with almost all the major video content streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, etc.
  • You can not play the local files on stream directly, in order to do so you need to be a premium subscription holder.
  • Local Audio streaming feature is not available with Metastream and also no Webcam streaming support is available with Metastream.


6. Watch2gether

If you are a fan of TV features then you would love the Watch2gether as a perfect alternative. Watch2gether is not only a good option but a viable option as just like Kosmi in Watch2gether the users do not need to sign up for using the service. Watch2gether is also a web-based service, where you do not need to install any dedicated application for using the service. Even without signing up the users can create and moderate a chat room directly. The host can invite anyone to join the chatroom. Watch2gether is also a German-based application that supports English natively. Website link.



  • Watch2gether supports native compatibility with Prime Video, Facebook, YouTube,, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.
  • Though some third-party account support is present there like Hulu and Netflix.
  • The viewer experience is quite like enjoying a TV channel program along with an interactive chat support type; a little bit nostalgic type.
  • Audio streaming is also compatible where the host can stream music from YouTube Music, SoundCloud, and many other major audio streaming services.
  • All the users can search for videos and can play such videos and audios according to ques.
  • Watch2gether also has a big library of videos and audio from where the users and the hosts can search for content according to their choices.
  • Social media profile contents also can be shared with friends via Watch2gether; social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are featured natively.
  • Users can create playlists in accordance with their own preferences.
  • You can do third party shopping with others using the Amazon store, and believe me it is an amazing experience. This feature is a very good one for the present day’s COVID-19 pandemic situation.


7. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is not a dedicated application like the Netflix app itself, but it is actually a Google Chrome extension made by Netflix and Google. In order to use Netflix Party, all your friends need to install Netflix Party on their device’s Google Chrome browser as an add on. After you have added the extension and allowed it, then login to Netflix normally and select any video to share, where you can see an extra feature then which would allow you to share the content with your friends with the extensions installed. Website link.

Netflix Party chrome extension alternative to Rabbit min


  • You can invite your friends to join you on a stream to watch together.
  • You can interact with your friend using the chat tool provided.
  • You can not stream any locally stored files, neither even can upload anything in order to stream; only the Netflix contents are allowed for streaming.
  • In many ways, Netflix Party is an alternative to or but not a complete application like them.


8. MyCircle.TV

MyCircle.TV can stream the videos directly on the website with ease. Also, the user can share the URL from other websites, which would let the joiners join with a single click. MyCircle.TV has a good Chatroom facility along with emojis and stickers. One of the biggest drawbacks of MyCircle.TV is that it does not feature any webcam or audio streaming support. But I liked MyCircle.TV platform due to its looks and simplicity, and it has quite an amount of promising features which makes it a worthy and alternative. Website link.

MyCircle.TV stream videos from websites to replace kast or rabbit min


  • No registration required, so the users can use MyCircle without signing up.
  • The looks are great but the UI is very simple to deal with.
  • As this is a web-based service, hence no installation or configuration is needed prior to use.
  • Virtual rooms feature is there which makes it easy to share content.
  • The users get their private chatroom also, where the joiners can DM the host.
  • Local video streaming is also allowed as there is a feature of upload that is present in MyCircle.TV. The user can easily upload and manage the videos at the same time.
  • But no Audio streaming or Webcam streaming is featured.
  • Chat room moderation features are the best in the class.

Wrapping Up

This are the 8 best and alternatives in the market right now. Though there are many other alternatives available of such kind, I have tested around 20 of them out of which I found these above 8 to be the best.  There couple of other options which checked out but did not like much, but you can check them, here are the names of those, ShareTube, Together TV, Tutturu, SimulChat, Gaze, Weblength, Blatube, etc



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