What are the Best Alternatives for Plastic Bottles

When it comes to carrying water along with in scorching summers in India or anywhere else, the first thing we use for it is water bottles… However, due to the plastic harmful effect on the environment, here we are presenting some best alternatives to our conventional plastic water bottles for daily usage to carry water, juices and other beverages. 

Glass reusable bottle

plastic bottle alternative

Glass is almost 100% recyclable and you can also recycle it after using it many times its quality doesn’t get affected in any way. Glass is also considered as the most eco-friendly material because of this reason. You can very easily clean a glass reusable bottle while washing it with your dishwasher along with washing cups, plates and any other utensils. You just need to choose the right reusable bottle which will suit according to your lifestyle because it is very heavy and costly than any other eco-conscious options.

Stainless steel/Aluminium Reusable bottle

Stainless steel Reusable bottle

Another alternative to a plastic water bottle is a stainless steel water bottle which is also reusable. You might have noticed that stainless steel looks much more sleek and sophisticated than glass which is one of its major advantages. It is also not fragile as glass and so it is best for people who are having an active lifestyle and so they do not need to worry about breaking or cracking their bottle. In the market, you can also find a number of stainless steel bottles with insulation that can keep liquids cold or hot for a long duration of time. This is also ideal for people who want to take their bottles with them while going outside to the gym, work or to any other place. Hydro Flask bottles are one of the best options.

Though there are various advantages of using a stainless steel reusable bottle, there are many disadvantages along with it. You need to wash stainless steel bottles only by using your hand because it is not much dishwasher-friendly. Plus, if you are buying stainless steel bottle without insulation then because of a good conductor it will quickly affect the water temperature as per the surroundings.

Ceramic Water bottles

Ceramic Water bottles plastic bottles alternatives

Though it is not new, it is not much popular in the market also. These bottles are mostly eco-friendly and quite old styled bottles which behaves much like glass because it is sturdy and can even keep liquid colder for a longer period of time. Most of the ceramic containers are quite heavy and are heavier than glass to carry around and it is also fragile. With the development in technology, they are not much unwieldy like before and after having wraps which help to protect the bottle so they do not break very easily, it is a quite useful and good alternative to plastic bottles.

Plant-based biodegradable plastic Water bottles

Plant-based plastic Water bottles

Most of the bottles which are plant-based are edible and they are also biodegradable plastic bottles, though no one actually eats them. But these bottles are quite safe to use and they are not made with any chemicals that are found in plastic bottles. They are quite popular in the market because they are user-friendly and eco-friendly and they also do not cause any harm to the environment.

Boxed water or paper bottles

Boxed water or paper bottles plastic bottles alternatives

In this new era of advancement, we can get many beverages in the market which are packed in boxes. For example, any fruit juice, wine or paper coconut water bottles. These bottles are quite innovative and almost unique in the market. Right now it is occupying a small amount of share in the market but when it will become popular you can get many bottles like this in the market. Most of these kind of bottles are generally made with paper so they are having a short lifespan but you can recycle them 100%.

The bottles which are made with ceramic and glass breaks very easily than any other plastic bottles. These kinds of bottles come in various designs so that they can mimic the shape of the bottles. They’re quite reasonable and are having many types of designs which are considered as a good alternative for giving up the use of plastic bottles. If someone is looking for a bottle which is a little sturdier, then stainless steel will be the best option for them.

Plastic reusable bottle

disposal plastci bottles alternnatives

Rather carrying water in regular plastic bottles such as mineral water bottles (disposable bottles); one can use the most common substitutes of a plastic water bottle i.e also a plastic bottle but reusable. It might not seem very logical in the first place, but it is quite sensible to replace plastic water bottle with any reusable plastic bottle. The plastic which is used for creating reusable plastic bottles is quite durable than the material that is there in the disposable bottle. The plastic in the reusable bottles are enough strong and you can use it repeatedly without worrying about its strength. This type of plastic bottles is much more eco-friendly than those plastic disposable bottles. While buying these bottles you need to choose a plastic bottle which is quite hard and not to choose any soft bottle because that is not much durable.

These bottles are made with a material that is lightweight, and so you can easily carry this bottle with yourself for the entire day.

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