What are the best alternatives to plastic bags?

Mostly plastic bags are being used by us for carrying foodstuffs or any other things. Using plastic is very convenient, cheap and user-friendly but there are various environmental and health hazards associated with it and so we must find some alternatives for using plastics bags which are eco-friendly and less harmful. Many types of plastic are also recyclable but still, the concern is about its footprint that it leaves behind on large scale on our earth. Today there are almost about 46000 plastic bags which floats in the ocean and that would take almost takes 1000 years to get decomposed. For this reason, one must find some healthy alternatives to plastic bags to save our environment from the negative impact that it leaves on our planet.

Problem Associated with using Plastics

Using plastic has become an integral part of our daily life and we are so much associated with that it is very hard for us to give up the use of plastics completely. But there are enough compelling reasons to give up the use of plastic and to use alternatives of it which are also environment-friendly.

Plastic is mainly containing endocrine disruptors and chemicals like Phthalates and BPA which are mostly linked with causing hormonal imbalance and many other types of diseases such as miscarriage, cancers and neurological disorders. These chemicals are also so very harmful to children because plastics are containing in most of the toys of children and various foods.

Phthalates are already banned in various parts of the world and they are mainly concerned with boys and men because they are associated with male fertility and lowering the testosterone levels. Plastic Chemicals are also associated with the problems of infertility and obesity.

The chemical present in plastics has highly polluted our environment and especially oceans. The damages that are caused by using plastics is almost irreversible and it is still increasing at a higher rate. Plastic wastes are being dumped into the ocean in large amount each year and by combining with UV rays and salt present in the ocean breaks this plastics down and releases PCBs, BPA, Phthalates and DDT into the water of the ocean. Most of the chemicals are being absorbed by the marine life and there are getting affected highly. In the Antarctic ocean below 20 feet of ice, plastic chemicals were found and various animal species are also getting affected by the waste of plastic.

So, let’s see a few best plastic bags alternative as shopping bags, carrying wine, eggs, liquid, sandwiches, garbage and to other items in the home, market or while travelling.

Alternatives To Plastic Bags

Using plastic bags are quite hazardous for the environment and some of the best alternatives of plastic bags are given below which are quite environment-friendly and you can use them in your daily life.

Paper bags

By comparing single-use plastic shopping bags with any normal paper bags we get to know that paper bags are basically 100% reusable, biodegradable and are also recyclable. They are also environment-friendly and doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. These kinds of paper bags can easily withstand heavyweights and pressure other than any type of plastic bags.

Paper bags alternatives to plastic bags

Paper bags generally come in two different colours which are white and brown. Brown bags are mostly used by people other than White bags, but white bags look better to represent the logo of any brands and they also present a more clean and clear look. You can use this type of bags for carrying your lunch box, wine bags, grocery bags and merchandise bags.

Cotton bags

Cotton bags best alternative for Plastic bags

Cotton bags are quite beneficial for the environment because they are biodegradable and are also reusable. The best thing about these bags is they are made from natural renewable sources. The raw material that is generated from farming cotton makes these bags renewable. Though Cotton farming is quite expensive because they require a huge amount of water, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, still these bags are the best alternative than any other plastic bags.

Canvas bags

best alternatives to plastic bags is canvas bags

Canvas bags are generally made from cotton and are basically more durable and they are also available in many sizes and shapes. If you compare Canvas bags with any traditional cotton bags, they are much lighter in weight and are also available at a reasonable price. One of the best quality in this Canvas bags is that you can wash these bags regularly and can even use them for many times according to your wish. You can easily make these bags at your home if you can learn some DIY and you can even stitch these bags on your own. It is one of the best plastic bags alternative for retail or shopping.

Jute bags

Jute bags plastice bags alternatives

Jute bags is one of the old substitutes for plastic bags. Any jute or hessian bags are having great strength and longer life compared to any other types of bag. Almost like cotton, jute bags are also made from natural renewable sources that are also compostable and biodegradable. Jute plants also help in cleansing air because they can consume the greenhouse gas CO2. Jute as an alternative for plastic bags are quite affordable and takes two years to degrade biologically and they do not cause any kind of harm to our environment.

Basket bags

Plastic bag alternative Basket bags

Though basket bags look quite rustic, they are still very popular in the market for its looks. You can carry a few things in these kinds of bags like eggs, wine, flowers and any other kinds of stuff you can carry these bags.  Basket bags are also environment-friendly and they are not responsible for causing any environmental hazards.

Washable mesh produce bags

Washable mesh produce bags alternative for platsic

You can get these bags in a pack of 5 and these are greatly beneficial to use it in your daily life and you can also carry them to the grocery shop. While shopping you can keep your veggies without segmenting each food in its own individual plastic. These bags are foldable and you can even wash them very easily and are also having colour-coded tax tags.

Reusable steamer and silicone food bags

Reusable steamer and silicone food bags

These bags are considered as the world’s best fully functional, non-plastic and self-sealing bags which were mainly developed to swap plastic bag. Today these bags are developed as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags. Silicone bags are airtight and also come with pinch press seal for keeping your food fresh. These bags are made from platinum food grade silicone which is 100% pure and safe for anything from the freezer to the microwave, boiling water and dishwasher. You can also use them for sous-vide for this reason. It could be the best alternative to plastic bags for meat carrying meat, liquid, vegetables and other food items to carry.

Reusable food wraps

Reusable food wraps alternative to plastice wraps

Another very popular brand in household and kitchen is Bee’s wrap. These kinds of wraps are made in a way that is compostable, washable and also reusable. You can easily it as plastic bag alternative for wrapping sandwiches and other eatables. These are basically made out of eco-friendly ingredients like organic Jojoba oil, cotton, tree resin, sustainably harvested beeswax.


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