8 Popular Free Action Games of 2020 for Smartphones

Action games are one of the most sought out games in the android world. I know that all of us have different goals when it comes to the category of games, but action games have a huge fan base in the world. Games with stunts and action can be enjoyed by all the gaming geeks, and it will be a complete bliss for action game lovers. Let us now start our wonderful article. These games are available for both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad). So, today, I have come up with this article in which I have included some of the best action games of 2020.


World War Heros: WW2 FPS

This Android and iOS game is of 533 MB size and it is all set to thrill you. So, are you ready to relive the era of World war 2? Do you want to be its part? (Well, I strongly feel and believe that no war should ever happen in real life). If your answer is yes, then grab it. This game will not disappoint you. It comes loaded with seven legendary World war 2 based war arenas. And you choose from four superpowers, including – USA, Soviet Union, Germany, and Japan. You can choose either of these four and then start your journey and lead your nation to victory by demolishing all the other participants virtually. Furthermore, you can choose from over fifty-five deadly weapons and missiles. Just take your tanks, equip your weapons, lead your team and devastate anything that dares to come in your way. The in-app purchases in this non-stop action game range from 40 to 8700 rupees.

World War Heroes WW2 FPS


Cover Fire: Free Shooting Games

The second-best action game for mobile phones, the most astonishing thing about this game is that you can play it even in offline mode. So, once you are done downloading this roughly 400 MB size game, then you do not need the internet to play it. Have you ever dreamt of piercing the heads of all the malicious terrorists with your sharp aims? Yes, I hope, then you are in the right place, as this game gives you the liberty to do so. The graphics are also majestic and you will probably have no complaints regarding the same. It supports multiple modes. In the challenging story mode, you will have to pass in all the missions put in front of you and raise to glory. But do remember, each and every passing level only gets more and more difficult. In the Cover fire mode, you will be assigned the task of leading a team. You will have to take part in many missions and you must ensure that you and your team are victorious at the end. Moreover, you can choose from a vast set of lethal weapons and a lot of other stuff. You might be thinking about the in-app purchases, they range from 80 to 6400 rupees.

Cover Fire Free Shooting Games


Sierra7- Tactical Shooter

This 107 MB beauty is one more player on our list. But before I go further, let me first make it clear, as stated in the app also, this game is not suitable for people below 18 years of age. The reason for the same is that it involves extreme action and violence. So, make sure your age is eighteen plus before you download it. You will have to face rigorous competition from strong enemies which are somewhat mental, as killing you is their primary dream, and they won’t mind killing themselves on the line though. This first-person shooter gives you the platform to demolish all the lunatic fringes that dare to step in your way. You can customize your character to a large extent and also choose from a wide set of devastating weapons. The missions are placed in a unique way and the difficulty level only goes on increasing. The graphics are also stunning, and the in-app purchases range from 160 to 1300 rupees.

Sierra7 Tactical Shooter


Shadow Fight 3

The third edition of the popular and famous Shadow fight is here. It is of 112 MB size, and overall it offers you exciting, action-packed gaming experience. You can customize your character and then start your journey. You will get the opportunity to choose from over a huge set of weapons and that will convenient for your fierce battles. In this game, your shadow goes one on one against enemy shadow, and you must kill it before it kills you. You will get the privilege to battle out in different worlds, and each of those worlds has a boss, and you must conquer it to progress to the next world. The boss battles are very challenging and will be your biggest challenge as you have to give in your best efforts and eliminate them with both power and strategy. You will be made poorer by 75 to 16500 rupees if you plan to make in-app purchases.


Call of Duty

How can this best full of action battle royale game be left behind? You will most probably find this action-packed thriller almost everywhere. This roughly 2 GB game has emerged as an ultimate contender to PUBG ever since its launch. It offers you an amazing battle royale gameplay as compared to PUBG, and you will agree to it. You will get the chance to show off your skills in a hundred player battle royale and then the happiness that you are going to feel after emerging the sole winner is just going to last with you for a very long time. What’s even more interesting is the fact that you can even chat with your teammates and make those last-second plans. Furthermore, you can also play in various other game modes apart from battle royale, like – Frontline, Search and destroy, etc. The fact that you can enjoy this game with all your friends, relatives, well-wishers is another accolade of this action hungry game. So, as of now, you might be thinking about the in-app purchases, they range from 10 to 7900 rupees.



This is another top battle royale action of 2020 game that must be present in this article, and yes, it has gone through many changes, a lot of new features are added, some updates are done, and much more. Almost 2 GB in size, this was and is still a sensation among masses. We know that many people were and some of them are still addicted to this, as it completely revolutionized the action gaming industry, though COD emerged as one of the most dangerous threats to its throne and it also succeeded in overshadowing it to a large extent. Here also the scene is somewhat similar, you are dropped on an island along with 99 other crazy players and there can be only one winner at the end. So, give your best, make the most insane plans and with weapons and brain, conquer this virtual world. The graphics are fantastic and you will have very few to negligible issues with them. And yes, I wish you all the best for “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.When it comes to the in-app purchases, they range from – 10 to 16300 rupees.


Clash of Clans

It is also one of the most popular and most downloaded action games. This 150 MB size has a lot to offer to you. In simple words, in this very game, you are needed to make your villages, guide your team, and then head off to the battleground. But wait, you are not alone in the battle arena, there are lakhs of competitors, so be prepared in advance. In order to begin this game, you have two options, either you can join a clan, or you can create your own and then invite players to it. Once your team is ready, you just need to take part in the furious battles with other teams and determine your supremacy over them. Not only this, but it also comes packed with friendly challenges and wears and also some amazing events for you in between. You can expect some cool action-packed packages from it. When it comes to in-app purchases, they range from 80 to 7900 rupees.


Angry Birds 2

It also created a buzz and quickly became the talk of the town ever since the first edition of this game was launched. The second edition is not behind, it follows the trend and has some of the wild action-packed for you. You will get a lot of new and exciting features in it. You are sure to get daily challenges every day, so do show up every day, and yes, on successfully completing the missions, you also get rewards and points. And yes, more you win, more are the chances for you to level up in less time. It has a lot of rough and tough levels to bring out the wild gamer within you and believe me, these levels are really challenging and will push you to your extreme limits. You must practice very hard, invest more and more time in this game, and show up every day. Then only you can reach the top of the leaderboard. This 200 MB game will cost you 70 to 7700 rupees for all those in-app purchases.


Thus, these are the eight most popular and famous action games of 2020, and if you are yet to play them then do it right now. I hope you might have found the perfect game for you, so, head straight to the virtual store and grab it, and let the fun begin.