16 Free & Best Magento Extensions or Plugin for Ecommerce

Most of Magento e-commerce extensions are paid but if you have an e-commerce website based on Magento CMS with some missing features then these free Magento extensions might be helpful for you. I have identified some best Magento extensions in their category but only free one. So, if you have a Magento based e-commerce website or you are in Magento website development these extension helps you to enhance Magento website functionality.

Catalog Search Refinement FREE

Magento comes with search technique in which  it will search for the item that contains ANY of the search keywords. For example, if a user searching for  “Narrow Jean”, it will search all the items that contain word “narrow” and everything that contains a word “Jeans”. But after implementing this Magento search extension, it will improve your search technique and let you search only those items that contain whole search term means a product that has a complete word like “Narrow Jeans”.

Catalog-Search-Refinement-FREE-magento search

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Free Magento- Theme Switcher Extension

This extension will enhance your user experience and make you Magento store more user-friendly. Free Theme Switcher extension will define a different theme for each device.  It automatically switches the layout of your Magento store according to the user device. It support 34 types of browser and 17 platforms, CMS homepage for each template and allow you to manage theme in the backend.

theme-swicther-magento extensions

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Stop Spam by using Akismet

If you have e-commerce website then you definitely have contact and product review forms. The Internet is full of bots and spammers those submit tons of spam comments on your website. So, in Magento, the best solution I have seen ever is using a Plugin or extension called Akismet. Akismet is an anti-spam solution.  You can also use CAPTCHAs in your form but it really a bad user experience.

askismet magento plugins

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Facebook Login

I am also a customer and buying many things online. The most annoying thing is that whenever you have to buy something online first you need to create a new Account page. Registering an account on your Ecommerce website is not easier for every user but every user has a Facebook account. So, why not use the facebook account to register a user on your website. It will increase customer registration or buyer and also high conversion rate. The Magento Facebook Login extension by Magestore is provided the functionality to your Magento eCommerce website through which a customer can register to your website in just 3 clicks.   The features of this plugin are signing up using a Facebook account,  redirect to the previous page after logging in via Facebook, next time user auto login, user-friendly UI and much more.

facebook_login_extensions_magento plugins

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Featured Products – 100% FREE

Magento featured product extension allows to display some featured or endorsed products by a slide or grid layout on your eCommerce website homepage or on subpages  to attract the customer attention towards that particular product. It also helps you to increase your sale.  It comes with a slider, user-friendly interface, compatibility with Magento Community Edition 1.4 – 1.5 – 1.6 – 1.7 – 1.8 – 1.9 and the good thing is that it is completely a free and open source Magento extension.

features-products-magento extension plugins

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 Magento Blogging

If you are a WordPress user and shifted to Magento to build your e-commerce website then you surely miss blogging which doesn’t come with Magento. If your store has the blogging feature where you can add reviews or do blogging about different products. It will also increase your traffic. So, you can easily add the blogging feature to your store by using Magento Blog Plugin or Magento WordPress Integration extension, both are free.

Blog – Community Edition by aheadWorks

This Magento extension simply creates a blogging interface for your Magento store and you can manage it directly from your Magento Admin panel. Open it and start blogging

blog_magento extensions

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Magento WordPress Integration

This Magento plugin did a very complicated task for your store. Basically, what it do, it combines your WordPress blogging platform with Magento. Once you implement this extension you can manage all you WordPress blog post but from Magento front-end. This is a great thing, one can get all features of WordPress blog but still showing them in Magento store front end design

wordpress-integration-Magento plugin

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New Order Admin Email Notification

If you still have to login in your website regularly to check for newly placed orders then this Magento extension is for you. It simply notifies the admin whenever a customer placed an order on your e-commerce website. It also allows you to setup multiple email address to get notifications and you can customize admin email templates too. It supports Magento Community Edition 1.4 – 1.5 – 1.6 – 1.7 – 1.8 – 1.9



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 Image Zoom

If you want to improve default Magento Zoom feature for products is not so good. You can change to show the product zoom to your customers in a better way by using these two plugins- Easy Lightbox and Mouse over zoom.

Easy Lightbox: Lightbox pop-up style to Magento zoom


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Mouseover Zoom: It is a cloudZoom mouseover widget.


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Category Images

This extension simply adds a row of thumbnail images for each category.



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This Magento extension allows you to create eye-catching beautiful banners sliders in your store. This extension also calculates and generate a report of banners click/impressions done by a user. By using this report, you can find in which type products your customers shows an interest. It features- 36 position on the website to show sliders, create banners with different effect and show time, custom codes, reports on click and much more.



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Multiple Select In Layered Navigation

With the help of this plugin, you can select multiple options from each attribute group when filtering search or navigation results.



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Related Products Manager

The plugin will help you to show related items in each product category automatically you do not need to do it manually.

related_products_Magento Extensions


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Quick Contact

This extension provides an AJAX controlled interactive Jquery Contact us form. Your customer can queries, send requests for quotes, channel their service suggestions, provide product feedback and much more.  The main features of this plugin are  Lightweight and AJAX controlled Jquery form, customizable message subject, and body, auto-reply option, multistore option and support all versions of Magento.

quick-connect-Magento Extensions

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 Lesti_Fpc – Full Page Cache

Enhance your eCommerce website speed by using full page cache extension. There is no need for varnish or external software this extension claim to provide an internal full page cache for Magento.

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