Download Visual studio code portable for Windows 10/8/7 or Linux

Here we will show how to download the Microsoft portable Visual Studio code files and use them on windows 10/8/7 or Linux using USB drive without installing.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code is a free, open-source code editor comes with many useful features for developers for developing and debugging modern cloud and web applications. Although it is developed by Microsoft for Windows, also available for Linux and macOS and comes with everything you need for software development.

As per the Microsoft, the Visual Studio code escalates the developing of application uses ASP.NET Framework and Node-based applications. Website creation with HTML, CSS, JSON, LESS, SASS, PHP JavaScript and other technologies is quite easy. Your project can be created as a Git repository.

Unlike Visual Studio and Eclipse, the Visual Studio Code (VS Code) does not work with project files, but at the file and folder level. What we have to do is opening of a file or folder to start development. VS Code interprets the project files as defined by the various frameworks and platforms.

For example, if a folder contains a Node.js package JSON file, VS Code uses the information it contains to provide project and platform-specific features such as matching autocomplete. TypeScript projects require an extension.

The VS code is available in the installation formation, however, if you are a coder and developing applications using multiple systems, such home or office, then you don’t need to install. Even we can use our friend’s systems to develop apps without installing Visual Studio Code because it is available in the portable format. We can download Visual Studio code portable zipped file from its official website and after that just extract it to any system you want.

Here we will show how to download the portable Visual Studio code files to use them without installing.

Install and Run Visual studio code portable on Windows and Linux

  1. Go to official Microsoft Visual studio code official website to download the portable version.
    #First, we will show how to use it for Windows 10/8/7
  2. Click on the Download page, here is the link (for convenience).
  3. Instead of downloading a regular executable file, click on the Zip (32 or 64 bit as per your system) available to download for Windows. For Linux systems, once can download .tar.gz version of the VS code.
  4. After downloading either extract directly on the system where you want to use it or directly in the USB drive.
  5. Now, inside the extracted folder of Visual Studio code, create a folder named “data“.
  6. This data folder will be used by the VS code portable to store all sessions, extensions, preference, codes data etc. Furthermore, you can also copy any Windows or Linux installed VS code data folder to start with your previous sessions. Of course, related files or folder should also be on the same system.
  7. Moreover, we can also move the portable installation data folder to one installed on some system to update work with code project you were handling on the installed Visual studio code one.
  8. Now, run the Code.exe file available in the extracted folder.

    Run portable Visual studio code exectuable file

  9. You will get the regular interface of the VS code.Run Visual Studio code portable on WIndows and Linux
    # Now, we use portable Visual studio code for Linux local or USB drive
  10. As I told above on the same download page you will get Linux version of this code editor too. Instead of downloading .DEb or .RPM package, get the tar.gz one. Now you can either move the extracted folder to a USB drive or leave it on a local disk.
  11. Now simply right click on the compressed VS code file and extract it. If you are using command terminal then the command to extract the .tar.gz file is:
    tar -xzf filename
  12. After just like we did in Windows, create a folder named ‘data‘ inside the folder of Visual Studio code.
  13. Now inside the VS code folder anywhere on the blank space, right-click and select Open in Terminal.

    Open Visual code studio in Terminal

  14. Inside the Terminal run the following command:

    Run VS code on Linux USB

Note: The portable version will not update automatically and need to it manually.

Thus, in this way we can download, run and use the portable visual code studio using USB Drive on both Windows and Linux operating system.