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How do you put a fingerprint lock on WhatsApp?

Turn on fingerprint lock of WhatsApp now to increase your security and privacy plus limit unwanted people to access your private chats. 

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On one hand, WhatsApp is one of the dominated end-user chatting application, on another hand, it is also vulnerable to security and privacy threats. Which can be seen clearly from the news floating about its security concerns nowadays. Thus, it is good if one can move to more secure options like Telegram and Wire, however, if not then at least we can secure our Whatsapp at our own end to increase the privacy and restrict unwanted people to read our chats on our smartphones by using fingerprint lock; especially, if you are living in such kind of friend or family circle where your smartphone being used by your kith and kin. So, as we know, now we can use Fingerprint lock on WhatsApp, natively, thus no need of using third-party locker apps or phone pattern lock to secure it. Let’s see how to do that.

Enable FingerPrint lock-on WhatsApp

  1. To turn on fingerprint lock for Whatsapp, obviously, first, grab your Android smartphone.
  2. Open WhatsApp.
  3. Tap on three dots given on the right top side.
  4. Select the Settings option.
  5. Tap on Account to access Privacy, Security, Change number like options.
  6. Now, access Privacy option to see all settings used to restrict different things.
  7. Swap down and tap on Fingerprint lock.
  8. Touch the toggle button given in front of “Unlock with fingerprint”.
  9. A pop-up will appear to confirm your fingerprint. Put your finger on the fingerprint sensor.
  10. After that, further options related to that will open such as time to set for Automatic lock for WhatsApp. By default, it will be for 1 minute. You can set it to immediately. Also, if you don’t want to show notifications of your Whatsapp messages on the phone lock screen. Then simply touch the toggle button given in front of “Show content in notifications“.

Turn On Whatsapp fingerprint lock

Unlock with fingerprint on Whatsapp

Enable fingerprint sensor on Whatsapp lock


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