How to disable automatic opening of USB drive in Linux Mint

If you are a Linux Mint user then you would be aware of its feature of automatic USB drive mounting as soon as you insert it. This by default feature is indeed handy for a new user, however, for advance one, those don’t want USB sticks, SD card and other external data drives to be mounted automatically in Linux Mint and opening a folder for the same in a new window in the file manager; they can disable it.

Furthermore, even for the standard user, if you have SD card slot with some problem and that keep popping up drive folder, it could be nasty.

Disable automatic mounting & opening of USB drive in Linux Mint

Step 1: To turn off the auto mount and folder opening, the settings for it is not available under the system settings instead can be accessed directly from the File Manager. Thus, open home or any other folder on Linux Mint.

Open Linux mint file manager

Step 2: In the opened folder on the top menu you will see an Edit option, click on that to get other choices.

Linux Mint disable auto mounting of USB drive-min

Step 3: A pop-up menu will open, go to the Preferences option and select that.

Linux Mint File Management Preferences

Step 4: Here in the File Management Preferences from the left side menu first select the “Behavior ” item and then scroll down to “Media Handling” section.

Here you will find the two options, we need to uncheck or check as per our needs: “Automatically mount removable media when inserted and on system startup“. By unchecking it, the automatic mounting of the drive will get stopped. However, if you don’t want to disable automount of the USB drives in Linux Mint then leave this option checked and uncheck the second one which is  “Automatically open a new folder for automounted devices“. This will only disable the automatic opening of the folder of the mounted USB drive or other external storage devices.

uncheck auto mounting and folder opening of USB drive in Linux mint -min

Hence, in this way, if you uncheck both the options USB drives on Linux Mint you will not be able to automount and open the folder for the same.

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