How to get an Amazon UPI QR code if you are using Amazon Pay for payments

If you are into the Amazon ecosystem for purchasing online, bill payments, etc., you should enable UPI payments on Amazon for a streamlined experience of payments. If you make payments frequently on Amazon Pay, you should also have the option to accept payments and get the most out of the ecosystem. 

Here in this tutorial, we will talk about how to get an Amazon UPI QR code if you have already set up UPI payments on Amazon. This is a basic topic that I will cover today, but it will definitely make your life a lot easier, if you count on Amazon Pay for regular retail, P2P, and different types of payments.

So, without any further delay, let’s get into how to get an Amazon UPI QR code, and also download it to easily accept payments.

How to get an Amazon UPI QR code on the Amazon app

I’m considering you have already set up UPI on Amazon, and have connected your bank account. So, open the Amazon app, and go to Amazon Pay. To get there, tap on the hamburger icon, and then tap on ‘Amazon Pay’.

Get Amazon Pay QR Code 10

Here, you will get multiple options. Tap on ‘See more’ to see all the quick actions that you can carry out, and here you have to tap on ‘Get Payment’.

Amazon Pay Get Payment

Just wait for some time, and you will instantly get the Amazon Pay QR code and the Amazon Pay UPI ID.

Now, you can show this QR code to somebody and receive payments directly to your bank account.

You can either capture a screenshot of this QR code and then print it out or have it in your gallery. You can also download the QR code by tapping on ‘Download QR’ to get a copy of the QR code.

Download Amazon Pay QR Code 35

After the QR code is downloaded, you have to choose a PDF viewer app (if you have multiple PDF viewing apps), to open the PDF edition of the QR code. 

Use Amazon UPI QR code to pay money  online

Here, you have to save the PDF file to your internal memory or save it to the cloud. You can also have a hard copy of it pasted at your shop or somewhere else to accept back-to-back payments conveniently.

By default, you will receive money in the default bank account, if you have multiple bank accounts added to Amazon Pay.

So, that’s how to get an Amazon UPI QR code if you are already using Amazon Pay. Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment on the same below.