How to make WhatsApp chat Text Italic, Bold or Strikethrough

Often we require to mark our Whatsapp chat text bold, Italic, or just strikethrough it, especially when we are dealing with this chatting application for business purposes. Well, there is no dedicated button or option available to do this, hence most people struggle when it comes to uses such text style formatting. And here we let you know how to do this with simple steps.

To follow this tutorial you must have WhatsApp installed on your Smartphone or Desktop.

Make WhatsApp chat text Bold

The topic seems to be a hectic one right, but, wait, all this stuff can be done using a very simple trick, you need not do a lot of things or follow a lot of commands to get it done. Just follow the following simple steps:

  • Open any random or person’s chat to whom you want to text.
  • Now, type your text in WhatsApp’s chatbox.
  • Once you are done, simply add an asterisk sign before and end to part of the text that you want to make bold as shown in the below screenshot.
  • For example– Sam u r *best*. The word best will become bold in the sentence because it is inside two asterisks or star symbols… 
  • Your task is completed.

How to use bold font in Whatsapp chat text min


Convert Whatsapp chat text into Italic font style

The users who want to use Italic style fonts can use the below steps.

  1. Go to your WhatsApp chat.
  2. In the chatbox type the text you want to send.
  3. After that put the underscore symbol i.e _ in front and end of the text that you want to make Italic.
  4. For example- Sam u r not _good_. The text “good” between two _ will automatically turn into an Italic font style.

Note: To make text bold and italic at the same time, use both asterisks and underscores before and end of the text.

How to use Italic text font in Whatsapp chat min


StrikeThrough Whatsapp Chat Text

Although StikeThrough is not a commonly used style, in case you want to omit some text in any forwarded text then this will be a good option. To use it follow:

  1. Of course, go to your WhatsApp chat
  2. Then to the Chatbox where you are writing or editing some text.
  3. And simply put Tilde i.e ~ symbol in front and end of the text that you want to strikethrough on your Whatsapp chat.
  4. For example, Same u r ~duffer~. The two Tilde symbols will strikethrough duffer in text in the chat.

StrikeThrough Text in Whatsapp chat min


Note- Two use all three bold Italic and strikethrough, use them add an asterisk, tilde, and underscore (*~_) on both sides of your text.



  • What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a social media platform and it allows you to transfer and receive text messages, pictures, videos, etc from people across the globe.

  • What is meant by an Italic font?

It refers to words or groups of words tilted towards the right side.

  • What is meant by bold font?

It refers to a word or combination of words where each character is darker and bulkier compared to its normal counterparts.

  • What is meant by strikethrough font?

It refers to a word or statement of words divided by a horizontal line from the middle.

  • Is this process free or paid?

It is absolutely free.