How to put screenshots in Android phone frame with the Screenshot Framer app

Capturing screenshots is one of the most common things these days, and we can easily share something that is on our screen, with our friends, family members, and colleagues. But the screenshots themselves look dumb as nothing is interesting in them. It is just a rectangular block with some information on it. 

While that can be enough for regular uses if you want to use it for any sort of marketing or other serious purposes, there’s a way to make the screenshots look alive and more real. If you put the screenshots within a frame, the screenshots will look much better, which I will discuss today in this article on How2shout.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with how to put screenshots into a smartphone frame to spice up your screenshots.

Add Android phone frame to screenshot

The first step is to download the Screenshot Framer app from the Google Play Store. The app consumes around 30 MB after it is downloaded and installed.

Screenshot Framer app

Now capture the screenshots as you usually do, with the buttons, or any other way you used to capture screenshots earlier.

Before you use the screenshot for any purpose, open the Screenshot Framer app. Here you will get the option to create a 2D or a 3D model with your existing screenshot.

Creating 2D screenshot models

Let’s start with creating a 2D model. Tap on 2D now.

Creating 2D screenshot models

Here, you have selected the screenshot by tapping on the image button as shown in the screenshot below.

Select the Screenshot

Tap on the screenshot from the file manager and see the magic.

3D screenhsot Android phonr created

Now that the screenshot is set to a frame you can change some settings to make the screenshot within the frame look exactly the way you want.

A few things that you can do are, change the background color, or keep it transparent, change the device model and type, punch-hole and notch position, etc.

Add Screenshot in Android Frame colour change

There are several colors to choose from, for the background. If you don’t want a single color or a transparent background, you can also choose a color gradient by choosing a second color, besides the main color.

In the next step, you can select the device type, like whether the screenshot is taken on a regular smartphone, foldable smartphone, tablet, computer monitor, laptop, etc., to fit in the screenshot within the appropriate frame.

Not just that, you can also select the specific model to make your screenshots look as if the screenshots are taken on that device. However, only a few models are available, but that shouldn’t be an issue as what you are getting is better than you can expect.

You can also change the frame color, set reflections, and tweak some other settings related to the frame.

After you are done with all the settings, and if you think it is ready, tap on the save icon, and now you can find the modified screenshot within your Gallery app.

Besides creating 2D models, you can also create 3D models using the Screenshot Framer app.

Creating 3D screenshots of smartphone models

To create 3D models, open the app, and instead of 2D, tap on 3D now.

Creating 3D screenshot smartphone models

Everything, like selecting the screenshot, model, colors, and everything else is the same as creating a 2D model.

With the 3D model, you can select the angle of the device to make the screenshot look precisely the way you want.

After you are done making the changes tap on the rotation icon, to change the angle.

Rotate screenshot

Here, select the angle, and your 3D screenshot is ready to be viewed and shared.

Select angle for Androd phone screenshot

If you select multiple angles, you can add all the states to display, and once you are done, you can also save a video to display all screenshots from different angles in the selected frame.

After you are done, you can easily share the screenshots from your gallery.

Here’s an instance of the final screenshot you will get with the app. 

Take screenshot in Android phone frame

I am pretty sure you will be impressed with the results. The app is free to use, and the best part is, there isn’t a single ad within the app which is something I appreciate.

If you want to share your screenshots with others for professional requirements, I am pretty sure your seniors will appreciate your work. This is an app that everybody should have on their Android. If you combine the output from this app with other designing apps and websites like Canva, Adobe Illustrator, etc., the sky will be the limit, for creating banners and other similar types of elements.

So, that’s all about how to put screenshots within a frame. Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment on the same below.