How to Send read and destory Private note using browser

Ever wondered how to send a private note to someone and as soon as the receiver reads it the note automatically gets destroyed. Well, it seems like a small portion of a sci-fi Hollywood thriller, but it can be done in simple ways by everyone. You just need to follow these simple steps to accomplish the task. And yes, you can do this on almost every operating system, so, let us now start our tutorial.

1. Launch your web browser.

2. Once it loads, copy-paste this link – and waits for it to open.

Private Note


3. Simply type your secret note in the space provided under the ‘New Note’ option.

4. Once you are done typing just click on ‘Create Note’.

5. Now, you can simply copy-paste the link and forward it to the receiver via various online modes or you can simply mail this link to the receiver.

Create Secret Note


6. I have simply copy-pasted the link and mailed it to one of my email addresses.

Mail auto destroy notes


7. Now, once the receiver receives the mail, he/she can view it by launching the link just like any other link.

8. Once the link is launched and the secret message viewed, the link gets automatically destroyed and this message is no longer there and the link is also obsolete.

secret message viewed and destroyed min



What is a private note?

It is a confidential note which can be read by only that person whom the sender wants to.

Are private notes really safe and secure?

No doubt today hackers are there across the globe and they try their best to hack all the stuff they want, I will not answer Yes to this question, but, yes, I would like to add that once your note is secured by a smart trick like the abovementioned one, then it becomes very very difficult for any hacker to hack it, so, it is indeed very rare.

Do I need to install any third-party tools for this operation?

No, you just need to launch this site and get your job done by following the steps mentioned above.

Is it a paid method?

No, it is absolutely free.

Is there any risk involved?

No, you are not installing any external tool, nor you are giving any sort of permission, so, there is no risk.

How many times can I send a secret note using this website?

You can send secret notes as many times as you wish to as there is no such limit.

Can the destroyed message be retrieved?

No, it cannot be.

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