Some Websites Not Opening in Reliance Jio & Getting DNS Error (Fixed)

Note: Users keep asking us why they can’t access adult websites or other explicit content websites, it is because the JIO has permanently blocked them on their network and if someone wants to access such websites they need to use VPN software…

Trying to open some websites on Reliance Jio SIM or Network? And facing some problem or error on the browser such as –


This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.


  • Checking the connection
  • Checking the proxy, firewall, and DNS configuration
  • Running Windows Network Diagnostics
server DNS address could not be found, Took too long to respond, or With the error code ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.
on jio some site not opening

If you are getting the above type of error in your browser while opening your own or some other website in Reliance Jio. Then today in this tutorial we are going to show you how to solve this site can’t be reached problem on the Reliance JIO network.


If you start getting the errors that we have mentioned above with your new Jio 4G Sim network or WiFi, then the problem is with your JIO network configuration. Many times while getting this type of error people to get frustrated and flash their PC, and DNS, or uninstall the Antivirus thinking that it is due to the network firewall. Friends there are simple methods to unblock all websites on Jio Network and solve unable to visit the website on Reliance JIO network problem.


This site can’t be reached problem on Reliance JIO 4G Network Solution

1st Method: Call JIO’s Customer Care

If you are not very much familiar with technology and do not want to mess up your hands then simply call Reliance Jio’s customer care 199. But as we know still Jio is one testing phase and their call center response is not good. Rather than calling, it’s good to mail directly to JIO technical team or post a tweet on Twitter. If you ask us then we will suggest you please go for the other two methods given below. 

Note: The above method is not applicable anymore.


2nd Method: Best & Working Method

Hola Extension for Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome then use some VPN extensions such as Hola Extension. Hola VPN extension is a free VPN service that unblocks all JIO’s network-blocked websites. For your Android phone, you can use the free Cloud VPN Proxy app. If you are going to use VPN services it’s better to install an app on your Android phone because after that you don’t need to install the different extensions in different browsers.

Hola Extension to Open Jio banned site


You can also add the Ultrasuf security, Privacy & Unblock VPN extension in your browser.




3rd Method:

This is the easiest way to unblock the websites on the Reliance JIO LTE network. We are also using this method. In this trick, you don’t need any external software or extension. Just modify your Laptop or PC Adapter Network configuration. What we are going to do to solve the “server DNS address could not be found” problem is just to replace the current DNS with Google DNS.


Step 1: Right-click on your WiFi or LAN connection icon and select Open Network and share center to configure the adapters

Netwrok configuration JIO

Step 2: A window will open click on the Change adapter setting option. all your network adapters.

Change adapter settion Reliance JIO

Step 3: You will all your network adapters. If you are using the WiFi connection then select WiFi adapter and right click on it & select the properties.

Adapter setting Reliance JIO

Step 4: After clicking on properties, select the click on Internet Protocol Verison 4 and then double-click on it.

Reliance Jio sim

Step 5: When you double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4 an IP configuration window will open. Now select the option “Use the following DNS server addresses” as shown in the screenshot.  In the preferred DNS column enter and in an alternate DNS column  and save it.  These two are default Google DNS and in case they don’t work please use and in the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server fields.

Reliance Jio Sim Network Problem


These are some straightforward methods to solve the Reliance JIO Sim network problem.  Above given methods prove handy when you are using the Reliance JIO internet connection via a hotspot or threatening connection.



28 thoughts on “Some Websites Not Opening in Reliance Jio & Getting DNS Error (Fixed)”

  1. I was unable to open udemy and some other websites over my Jio 4G, and #3 really worked for me for my Jio 4G. Thanks

  2. In my case none of these solutions worked. I went for even simpler solution – just rebooted by device (smartphone, from which I was connecting to internet using Mobile Hotspot) and voila, it started working!

  3. i can not open of my jio network so i follow many procedure but my problem remain unsolved. when i download hola extension my problem solved. Thank you

  4. It’s not working. Your “Best and Working” method is no more working. Is there anything else that you guys can do to resolve the issue? Please let us inform.

    • Thanks for the update Robin, can you please let us know what is the exact problem you are getting. Are you having problem in some particular website or whole internet is not working… We will try to solve it, if possible then you can also provide us online remote, so that we can resolve your problem personally…

      • Hey,
        I tried all of your solutions and none of them worked for me also. Besides, i have rebooted my phone multiple times too and still no luck. Can you tell me if there is anything else that I can do?

  5. Sir, ultrasurf kaam karraha hai, hola kam nehi kar rahahai….. support ke liye Thanks

  6. Not working. I can’t access my online banking website. It’s really irritating.

  7. i follow your all method to solve my problem but the problem remain same.i could not open the IBPS official many days i have tried to solve this problem . please tell me the solution of my problem .

  8. 3rd method is working. faced similar issue while using mobile hotspot vodafone. now resolved using 3rd method.

  9. Solution given at #3 worked very well on my Jio 4G network . Good work !
    Thanks a lot.

  10. ultrasurf is the solution that worked for me..Im using jiofi..just the modem.but some sites like which otherwise works doesnt work with ultrasurf being enabled..So accordingly choose..Thanks a lot btw…I was trying since morning…and finally one thing worked…Shoutout to all the tech guys who make our lives easier

  11. Thank you, after downloading UltraSurf Security, I’m able to open torrent website ‘’.

  12. hello, just check the APN and make sure its “jionet” , in JIOFI its automatic change it to manual and set this APN , try this if it could help, my jiofi also not working well but now its working perfectly.

  13. Thanks for the tip! When I’m using mobile data on my iOS device, I simply turn on Atlas VPN to bypass any blocks. Strongly suggest it for everyone to try out, besides it has a pretty decent free version.

  14. few websites are not working like amazon prime , edx etc i tried your methods. Please let me know some alternate solutions.

  15. Thanks Dear, Very Geninue information, I Have changed IP and then my required sites are working. Thanks a lot. One can definetly try. Very useful

  16. this thing didn’t worked for me… i don’t know why but it didn’t it doesn’t lets me download any extension… the moment I press the add extension button it shows download failed… more over in my PC not only some browsers but also apps like spotify and resso are not working… i tried changing the DNS to and but it resulted in ending up not opening more websites… now because of this problem I am not able to open even search engines like and quite many websites like the dominos


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