iCubesWire, Digital Marketing Solution and Concept provider- Interview

Whether it is a B2B organization or B2C including different websites, blogs, and other small businesses; everybody should know about the digital marketing solutions to get top of the charts. Those days are gone when hoardings and boardings work best to get the maximum ROI from the advertisements and to promote any brand.

Have you remember a Priya Prakash Varrier (an Indian girl) who was nothing until her one simple blink gone viral through social media channels and overnight she becomes a celebrity; that shows the power of social media and how digital marketing plays an important role in influencing people and to make an unknown brand to a killer one.

If you are individual owner of something, for example, of some website or small business where you are working alone with a small team; you can do the digital marketing of your product by own but that might be like hitting something in the dark, If you don’t know how it works. What we suggest, spend your time in building best product rather than focusing on digital marketing (by your own) because for that there are some reputed companies those offers A to Z digital marketing solutions to build your brand and product reputation. The iCubesWire is one of them and helps you to build an experience that your customers will enjoy via creating awareness through digital marketing and aligned strategies to get the overall impact of your brand messaging.

Sahil Chopra, CEO and Founder, iCubesWire
Sahil Chopra, CEO and Founder, iCubesWire

It affiliates more than 10,000 publishers across social, search, E-mail, Display, Rich Media and Videos, which helps it deliver tailor-made digital concepts to the brands it works with.

To find out really the iCubesWire works as they claim and to know about their strategies and view about the market situation, we had an interaction with its founder and CEO Mr. Sahil Chopra. 





In the interview, out of so many questions, we asked him, here are some, those are worth to mention.

iCubesWire, Digital Marketing Solution and Concept provider- Interview



  1. Please tell us something about yourself. How did you get the idea of making such a complete digital marketing platform?

A 34-year young voracious professional & a father of a 7-year old brat who believes in excelling at the work-life balance between the two. I’d rather be rich & tired than poor & free, and this ideology has been the driving force behind my diligent endeavors.


After pursuing my career for 4 years as a working professional, I was mocked over by family & friends for launching my own start-up. As a matter of fact, my first few ideas crashed. Post a few failures, I grabbed the opportunity with performance marketing, which was undoubtedly the need of the hour and thus, began the journey of iCubesWire since 2010.


  1. What were the problems you faced in the initial stages? 

Honestly, I’ve lost count. Starting from self-doubt which is the biggest hurdle one can face to financial crisis which comes as a part and parcel of most businesses in their nascent stage. Once the organization was registered and I embarked upon this journey, the dilemma of building the team that stands by your dream was tedious and prolonged. I was in dire need of employees but being a startup, seldom people would turn up for the vacancy. I was fortunate enough to appoint Aditya Singh, who believed in my vision and has been my rock support since then. Today, he is the COO of iCubesWire and has sailed through the good, bad and the between times with me.


  1. Who all are your main competitors?

Competitive spirit is quintessential for progress or else the growth remains stagnant. I consider ‘yesterday’ as the biggest competitor of today. Competing with ourselves and mushrooming with each passing day is the ideology I follow for success and deem it necessary for the betterment of the organization.


  1. What are the challenges and trends you see in 2018 in terms of social media marketing?

Digital is a fast paced industry with trends changing in the blink of an eye. This year a lot of new trends are expected to hit the wave, of which the relevance of content consumption would be predominant. The market is geared up to be content driven and effective content strategies will shake the ground. Secondly, with the onset of numerous social channels, it is becoming a pain in the neck to be an active user on all platforms and to keep track. There is a fierce need to merge all channels into one, which is convenient and well systematized. This would enable the user to omit the unwanted & redundant information and strategically view feed which is desirable by them. Data security is another challenge which will create havoc if not rectified on time. The need of securing data can be perceived by the recent example of Facebook where data leakage of 50 million users was reported.


  1. How are your marketing services different from others and why should one opt for them?

Our marketing services offer A to Z solutions for better marketing. Metaphorically, we are a tributary to the digital ecosystem as we hold expertise in various sides of the table, namely, publishers, agency & technology. Our capabilities lie in our expertise to impart solutions even outside our boundaries. For us, there is no pause and our organization’s growth rightfully laud the same. From performance marketing, agency vertical to artificial intelligence tool to product vertical, we have constantly evolved without a halt on the way.


  1. Does iCubesWire use any Artificial Intelligence platform or is planning to use in future to make marketing services better?

Artificial Intelligence is the need of the hour and leveraging this opportunity, iCubesWire has created an in-house AI enabled innovation called Instatalk. It is the interconnected network of digital technologies that bridges the disparity between watching an advertisement & reacting to it. This product has been designed to impart solutions to consumers’ queries by implementing intelligence in machines to reduce the challenge of brand recall. The most intriguing aspect is that Instatalk is available across platforms like videos, mobiles, mobile sites to advertising units wherein the customer can interact with the brand directly and instantly.


  1. As iCubesWire also provides the Campaign-Ad Management service, how do Ad blockers effect on the online advertisement business?

Ad blockers are enabled by the user to avoid intrusive ads as at times as it creates nuisance for the user to receive pop-up advertisements, large sticky ads, auto-play video ads with sound, full screen scroll over ads and other dense ads every time they land on a webpage. Google and other search engines are on the verge of creating its in-built ad blocker for Chrome. In such cases, the online advertisement business will suffer a downfall because it isn’t possible to go past the gates created by these search engines. Whereas, in some cases, the problematic ads are filtered by the website owners, which is an internal network and the businesses can negotiate with them. Thus, ad blockers are a hindrance for the advertisers who eye pop-up ads and full screen ads.


  1. For an advertiser, which platform is beneficial in terms of generating leads and ROI, Google or Facebook?

This is entirely dependent upon the advertiser and may vary from segment to segment. There are various factors which can be taken into consideration while selecting the ideal platform like the target audience of the advertiser. This is a crucial element which determines the pros and cons of the platforms. Secondly, the brand itself has a platform preference where it is likely to obtain maximum reach. For a serious approach, LinkedIn is an apt platform that could turn out to be fruitful for the brand. For grabbing maximum eyeballs, Facebook would be ideal and likewise each channel has a strength and weakness of its own.


  1. What segments of market provide the most value potential for your company?

There isn’t any one segment which supersedes the other. We have been fortunate that we have been associated with the biggies in the market like Amazon, Paytm, Kotak Mahindra to real-estate giants like Central Park, AMB etc. For us, each client adds unparalleled value to our organization and it’s the trust of each one of them that helps us amplify as an organization.