Alibaba Announces New Innovations -G Plus

Alibaba has just come up with a bunch of the most exciting tech innovations in the industry. These innovations hint at the marvelous comfort that the delivery industry is sure to enjoy soon. The company now boasts of a driverless robot that will help ship goods that consumers have ordered online with much more ease. Moreover, it has also come up with a specially designed storage locker which has the security of face recognition- all to keep your food secure and warm.

The robot is called G Plus for now. The road testing of G Plus is going on at the headquarters of Alibaba in Hangzhou, eastern China. The G Plus Robot comes paired with exceptional abilities. It can carry several boxes of different sizes. It has increased stamina and can travel much longer distances as compared to its predecessors.

G Plus Robot at Alibaba’s 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit. Image source- Alibaba
G Plus Robot at Alibaba’s 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit. Image source- Alibaba

Since it can carry boxes of several sizes, its loading box can also change its size accordingly. Moreover, if we go by the claims of Alibaba, G Plus even can deliver mouthwatering food. It won’t get lost on its way. It knows exactly where to provide the article with the help of its inbuilt navigation system. It is guided by LIDAR which prepares a 3D-map of the location for it. In case it senses that there are several people in the way and cars are standing in its way, it will decrease its speed to approximately 6.2 miles per hour. Keeping in mind safety reasons as well as the requirement to ensure delivery at the earliest, the maximum speed of G Plus is 9.3 miles per hour.

Once the G Plus reaches the delivery location, the customer can walk up to it and enter his PIN. The robot will then hand over the packer to him/her. The other way of delivery when the customer is not available at the spot to accept the package is that it will automatically deposit the package. Alibaba is all set to get G Plus on board by the end of this year.

Alibaba’s announcement did not end at just more delivery robots and more warehouse robots. It had even more exciting announcements to make including a Cainio Box. The customers can install this Cainio box right outside the door of their apartments. It is a storage locker. It is an entirely safe option. In fact, it is even more reliable than the ones which employ through pin codes. This storage box will only open and hand over the delivery when the face recognition of the customer for whom the shipment is intended for is available.

If you are worried that the storage locker might not be able to keep the food hot and fresh, you can even adjust the temperature remotely through a phone app. However, Cainio box is merely a far-fetched concept for now, and there is no date fixed for its release.