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ATEN Launches 6 x 6 Dante Audio Matrix with HDMI 2.0 Interface in India

ATEN, the leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, recently unveiled the ATEN 6 x 6 Dante Audio Matrix with HDMI Interface (VE66DTH)and 4 port power injector (VE44PB) device. ATEN VE66DTH is featured with Dante networked audio Matrix, a complete audio networking solution that distributes uncompressed, multi-channel audio transmission via standard Ethernet networks, with near-zero latency and perfect synchronization.

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It supports 6-channel of audio inputs and outputs via a Dante network and the audio inputs can support not only the line input but also the dynamic and condenser microphones at the same time. The device is built-in with 48V Phantom Power compatible condenser and dynamic microphone, equipped with HDMI 2.0 input and output.

It provides up to True 4K video output and audio embedding and de-embedding support POE and DC power supply. Especially suitable for large-scale applications such as conference venues, or wherever that requires implantation of Dante-based professional audio devices for extended and flexible networked AV applications.

ATEN Launches 6 x 6 Dante Audio Matrix with HDMI 2.0 Interface in India

“ATEN 6 x 6 Dante Audio Matrix with HDMI Interface is currently the most ideal audio networking solution in the market. Its technology has been recognized by many professional audio-visual manufacturers. It integrates up to 6-channel balanced mono line/Mic input audio into the Dante audio system and can send up to 6-channel balanced mono line output audio from the Dante network to others and any other users in the system of Dante device. At the same time, it supports one HDMI 2.0 input and decodes it into HDMI stereo audio and sends it to the network; a 4K HDMI 2.0 local output can be embedded into the network audio to HDMI output.” said Shyam Tambatkar, PSM ProAV at ATEN. “Users of the ATEN 6 x 6 Dante Audio Matrix with HDMI Interface can benefit from improved system performance, reduction in cabling, and more to installations of all sizes.”

The ATEN 6 x 6 Dante Audio Matrix with HDMI Interface provides flexible audio capability with audio de-embedding and embedding. It can de-embed HDMI stereo audio signals to the Dante networking system and embed Dante audio signals into the HDMI output. Moreover, VE66DTH is equipped with PoE and DC power supply to ensure the normal operation and can be powered by a compatible PoE device through Ethernet cable.

ATEN VE44PB is a 4-port power injector for remote power supply for up to four compatible ATEN PoH-powered or PoE-powered devices via UTP cables. It features HDBaseT connectivity; the 4-port power injector can extend HDMI connection over a long distance via UTP cables, and still ensures unaffected video and image quality. It can be flexibly installed anywhere between the transmitter and receiver that require remote PoH / PoE powering.

ATEN 6 x 6 Dante Audio Matrix with HDMI Interface and ATEN 4-port power injector comes with a warranty of 3 years and is readily available for purchase through ATEN’s channel of distribution and reseller partners across India.

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