Microsoft Windows 10 new WSL 2 Linux kernel can now be tested

On June 12th, on official developers blog, it has been announced that user can now test new WSL 2 comes with Linux Kernal by installing Windows build 18917 via Insider Fast ring.

Microsoft has been writing its love for Linux a while ago, and now it’s getting more prominent becuase actions speak louder than words. In early May, the Microsoft has announced that they are working to provide full-fledged Linux kernel for Windows 10 under the second version of WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux) and now the time has come to test it.

Microsoft Windows 10 new WSL 2 Linux kernel can now be tested

Yes, needless to say, the end user yet cannot experience the WSL2 on their version of the operating system, for the time being only the first Windows Insiders get the opportunity to test the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2). The WSL 2 update is present in the recently released Windows insider Preview Build 18917 (20H1) and agree or not the WSL 2 is probably the most important innovation.

For the standard users of Windows 10, those are not much into developing kind of stuff or not interested in Linux, the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 is probably a less attractive feature.

Till now what information has been released by the Microsoft for WSL2 according to that there are few major changes and enhancements, however, two of them are more important to discuss…

One is files that are often accessed with Linux applications now have placed in the Linux root file system in order to benefit from the performance advantages. Microsoft said for three years we have been telling that these files should be in the local disk, but not anymore with WSL2.

Another thing is, WSL 2 includes the dynamic IP address for the WSL 2 VMs. They are currently working on improving network support. Until then, testers need to use the IP address of the Virtual Machine (VM) to address Linux network applications from Windows (and vice versa).

For more information see the official blog…