OnePlus 5T Lava Red Color Edition is Finally available in India

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The most attractive Red color on OnePlus 5T is now available in India and will sell through the and There is no change in the core hardware configuration and the only difference between the OnePlus 5T Lava Red Color edition and other available Oneplus 5T editions is the color.

The Price at which this new Lava Red edition is available in India is 37,999 around $595 with a storage capacity of 128GB and 8GB RAM.

Oneplus 5T lava red color edition

The new Lava red color edition has backside in Red color while the front is still in black and looks great in contrast to each other. Overall, the finish and design of the Red edition are exactly same as their previous Midnight black color. From our point of view, the Oneplus don’t have to launch different color editions in installments because the user who had already bought some other color due to lack of choices will definitely fell frustrated. Also, launching all colors at the same will offer a wide range of colors to choose. But if you see it from the OnePlus’ angle they do such things to be in a buzz. 

However, if you are planning to buy the OnePlus 5T right now then you have good options in colors especially the Lava red one.

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