Porsche Taycan car will get built in Apple Music app

Today, Porsche announced a partnership with Apple to add Apple Music to its all-electric sports car Taycan as an infotainment system. This means that Porsche Taycan is not only the first pure electric car produced by a German manufacturer, it will also be the first car to have an Apple Music app built-in. You can access the song library of the music streaming service and pick up playlists without having to connect to your smartphone.

Porsche said it plans to offer its customers three years of free in-vehicle data and will also offer new and existing Porsche owners a six-month subscription to Apple Music.

Although it was previously possible to use Carplay to listen to Apple Music in a compatible car, this is the first time that Apple’s music streaming service has been offered for the first time as a car’s native app. Combined with Apple’s news of pushing iTunes to Samsung TV, the move indicates that Apple is increasingly inclined to push its applications and services to non-Apple hardware. Providing services on multiple devices is very important to the company because it shows that it is turning to rely on service subscriptions to generate more revenue.

Porsche Taycan car will get built in Apple Music app

In addition to providing applications in Taycan, Porsche also says the user can control Apple Music with its proprietary voice control system and can create custom Apple Music stations in any song you hear while listening to a radio station. Porsche also plans to produce exclusive playlists only through Apple Music. You can link to Taycan and Apple ID without entering a password or pairing your phone.

In addition to Taycan, Porsche also plans to add the Apple Music app to any new car that can support the service.

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  1. That’s good news for Taycan drivers! That makes listening to Apple Music on car easier. For me, using USB drive to add the converted Apple Music songs to my car is convenient, too. (If you want to do that, you need to convert Apple Music with TunesKit Audio Converter


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