PUBG Mobile Season 13 Latest Updates- Everything you need to know

As we know the PUBG Mobile Season 12 has come to an end, and it is time now for the next season to be launched. The season 12 is a special season for the PUBG Mobile developers and the players as well because it was the 2nd anniversary for PUBG Mobile, which concludes that PUBG Mobile is such a big success and a revolution in the mobile gaming field. With launch of season 13 the whole race would again about begin to touch the glory of becoming an Ace or Conqueror tier player. In this article we would be discussing bout all the news related to PUBG Mobile season 13 release date, and all other new surprises which are coming up with the new season updates, including map update, weapon updates, skins etc.

PUBGM Season 13 Release date

As we know for confirm that the Season 12 will come to its end on 11 May, 11.59 PM (BST), and the next season would start from the 12th May 2020 at 12 AM (BST). Though there can be a couple of hours of late depending upon your region.

Also, the players should remember that the COVID-19 pandemic is still out there so, for some reasons the update release can be even late as well just like Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. But till today there is no confirm news or sign about the late launch yet. But, if they’re any kind of late occurred, please do not lose your cool as the developers are working hard to get the job done, so our best wishes are with them.

Season 13 Royale Pass Update

  • Though there were some speculations about the price hike in the Elite Pass price, in Season 13 the prices stay the same as it was a season 12. The Elite Pass would cost 600UC and the Elite Plus pass would cost 1800UC.
  • Also unlike last 12 seasons, from Season 13 Elite Pass holders will be prompted at every 5 RP to choose between 30UC or Diamonds. You can collect 30UC on every 5 RP so that you can collect 600UC in total and can get your next season pass for free, or you can collect the diamonds for many other cosmetic upgrades.
  • There are many gun skins are coming like Toy Alliance set for P92 and Vector.
  • Also, there is going to be a new skin for scar for free at the RP 50 free pass.
  • There are going to be new various new graphite skins.
  • There are going to some new pan skins as well.
  • Of course many emotes are going to come there, named Draw Bow (for MVP in the arena), Foxtrot (free RP), Dynamic Wave at RP level 30 for Elite pass holders.
  • Couple new bag pack skin and a new plane skin finish called 8 Bit skin is about to come.
  • One new bag ornament is about to launch, but the texture is not confirmed yet.
  • 100 RP skin is going to be called Nebula Hero skin, the skin is quite impressive this time.
  • There are going to be two more kick-ass looking unlockable skin from the crate to be introduced called Lava superman and Flash Superman.
  • 2 new frames are about to be introduced under the Elite pass.
  • A new upgradable cool looking skin called Puppet Agent is about to be introduced.
  • A new bike skin called Hotdog is about to introduce.
  • A new helmet skin called Rock & Roll is about to be introduced under Elite Pass.

Map Update

Yes, there are going to be massive map updates in this upcoming season. But, along the Map updates are going to air with an update on 7th May 2020 as Beta version. So, be ready for it.

  • This is going to be the PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 version.
  • The update release date of 7th May 2020 has been confirmed by PUBG Mobile developers on their Twitter handle.
  • In this update, there is Miramar 2.0 going to be introduced, in which there is going to be a Sandstorm, and you have to survive through it tactically.
  • At Miramar in the garage of Hacienda, there is going to be a Golden Mirado in each match, which is a very unique looking car, not very exciting for me but a new addition.
  • Also, there is going to huge graphical changes in the Miramar, the changes are mainly related to lighting and textures. Miramar is about to become awesome this time.
  • Apart from the above updates, there is also a rumour related to a new Vikendi 2.0 update, where there re going to be many graphical and location-related changes in Vikendi. The speculation indicates, the amount of snow-covered is about to be reduced and a new Train with a track across the map is about to be introduced.
  • Even a rail bridge is about to be introduced in Vikendi 2.0, and the Dino Park is going to be updated a Dino Land, just like PUBG PC. So, Fingers are crossed. Even if this update happens to be false speculation but in the near future, these could happen for sure.

Weapon Update

There are going to be some awesome weapon’s upgrade in this season as well.

  • A Canted Sight (kind of a red dot attachment on the side of the weapon) is going to be introduced for all the SMG, AR, DMR and Sniper Rifles just like PBG PC.
  • The Win94 is going to get an inbuilt Scope attachment, which is going to make this gun a worthy Sniper choice at Miramar. The scope is going to be 2.7x and it is going to increase the accuracy hence utilization of this gun.
  • There is going to be a new SMG called P90 introduced in the TDM mode.

Wrapping Up

Here all the news I came up through about PUBG Season 13 and upcoming updates, some of them are speculations and some of them are confirmed as I have stated earlier. Stay tuned with us and enjoy your PUBG Mobile time.