Redmi’s AirDots 3 Pro TWS will launch on May 26 with a unique design

Xiaomi is going to address a new product launch conference slated to be held tomorrow afternoon, in addition to the new Redmi Note 10 series, Redmi’s first noise-canceling headset AirDots 3 Pro will also be officially unveiled.

According to the officially released images, Redmi AirDots 3 Pro has a sleek curvy design, small in size, and shiny three-dimensional luster.

According to news sources, AirDots3 Pro supports Pro-level noise reduction, with a noise reduction depth of up to 35dB of flagship level, and supports three-speed active noise reduction mode.

Redmis AirDots 3 Pro TWS will launch on May 26 with a unique design

Furthermore, using intelligent noise reduction, the earbuds can adapt to different environments to match the comfortable noise reduction depth; it also supports call noise reduction and can pick human voices clearly in noisy environments.

In terms of latency, as per Redmi, it has tuned the earbuds in all aspects from the chip, Bluetooth, and system integration.

AirDots 3 Pro is not only Redmi’s first noise-canceling TWS but also supports Qi wireless charging technology that is unique to flagship headsets. You can enter the charging state with just one tap, and completely get rid of the shackles of the data cable.



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