Samsung introduces 32GB unbuffered DDR4 RAM (M378A4G43MB1-CTD)

Samsung Electronics has quietly introduced a 32GB UDIMM DDR4 memory module (model no. M378A4G43MB1-CTD ). Unlike the previous big memory, those were dedicated to the server, this time it is for the desktop PC!

The memory-based on 16Gb UDIMMs chips uses Samsung’s 10nm process. It operates at the frequency of 2666MHz, and the voltage is also standard 1.2V, but the timing is not announced.

Samsung introduces 32GB unbuffered DDR4 RAM (M378A4G43MB1-CTD)
Image Source: Samsung

With such a large memory, manufacturers and players specially the gamers can set up milestone system with 128GB of memory, and on the top platform such as Intel Core X, AMD thread tearer, it can be composed of 256GB!

Of course, the mainstream and high-end desktop platforms do not yet support 128GB and 256GB of system memory, but they will either increase support in the future or wait for the next-generation platform.

Samsung did not disclose the price of this 32GB DDR4 memory, but the cost will be around $300.


Density 32GB Rank x Org. 2R x 8
Speed 2666 Mbps Voltage 1.2 V
No. of Pin 288 Component Composition (2G x 8) x 16

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