Sony launches new NW-A105 Android Walkman

Sony has come up with a new version of their hugely popular Walkman Music Player in India. This time the Walkman is not in the style of retro-tech equipment but in the shape of a present-day gadget.


• Runs on Android.
• Supports high resolution and high bit rate audio files.
• Audio streaming from online platforms is supported.
• Features Android 9 Pie as the OS.
• Enabled with wireless connectivity features like Bluetooth.
• The latest version had launched in India on 24th Jan 2020.
• The price for this so-called “Android Walkman” is around Rs 23,990.

Sony NW-A105 Android Walkman


As Sony Walkman has their nostalgic touch for being the most favourite music player as well as a young man’s gadget over the 90s and early 2000s, the old users still have their Walkman at their collection due to its retro-tech looks and feel. At the mid of the 2000s, the Walkman was replaced by Apple iPod and Multimedia Cell-Phones, afterwards, the whole market has been grasped by the Smartphones. So, this is true if you consider utilities then at 2020 no one needs a gadget like Walkman, no matter it runs on Android or Windows.

But due to the old popularity, Sony marketing think tanks do think there is still potential in the business of dedicated music player gadgets. In 2020 though there is actually no need for such gadgets according to my point of view, of course, there are many people who like using iPod till date. If iPod lovers are still there using and even buying an iPod then Walkman can also have its feat.

According to Sony, there’s still a present market out there who loves dedicated portable music player, if so then they may achieve success with their latest product, but the point is the price which can be a big factor, as the new Walkman model doesn’t come cheap. What I felt is that this Android Walkman launch is going to lucrative for those portable and dedicated music player lovers and the Android Walkman itself would be more of a nostalgic collectable rather than a real utility.

New Sony NW-A105 Android Walkman

Sony NW-A105 Android Walkman Features and Specifications

  • The model is actually named Sony NW-A105 Android Walkman – The device runs on Android but has its limitations, so apart from playing music and streaming audio, this device is not much of use. You cannot make a call or send a message using this device, no matter this device runs on Android 9.0. Though Sony has packed the device with some other modern Android-based features.
  • The Sony NW-A105 Walkman comes with a 3.6-inch HD display. The body features some control buttons for the music playback operations and volume adjustments. Because of the Android 9.0 Pie OS, this device is able to support mots of the streaming platforms and apps.
  • The NW-A105 Android Walkman features 4GB RAM and onboard storage of 16GB, which are pretty impressive. The device also supports 128GB micro SD card expansion. Sue to the Android OS, the NW-A105 also supports many Google services included the Google Drive the other cloud-based storage and hosting services.
  • The new Walkman device is completely engineered for the music lovers, so all the music-related features and luxuries are provided with the device. So, this is for sure that with the price tag you are getting the best flagship device of its kind.
  • The Android Walkman supports the DSD audio format. The frequency is supported up to 11.2MHz. Within this device, you will also find a very high-quality PCM conversion output. According to Sony’s declarations, the device supports DSEE HX, which ensures a seamless music listening experience by rebuilding the audio signals which are lost during the digital compression during streaming. The device also packed with the S-Master HX digital amplifier feature to ensure rich audio experience.
  • If you have made your leap towards the wireless teach via using the Wireless earphone and headphones then, Walkman also supports Bluetooth connectivity using which you can use Bluetooth enabled audio accessories.
  • The battery capacity is not being specified by Sony or by any other media, but Sony ensured that the device would run 26 hours after a single time full-charge. So, the battery capacity is quite good can be said. The charging mechanism is featured with the USB-C port.
  • The device also supports a normal classic 3.5mm audio jack which supports earphones, and headphones.
  • The price for the Sony NW-A105 Android Walkman is Rs 23,990. The only colour variant available till now is Black.